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How to Prolong Dell Inspiron 1564 Laptop Battery Life?

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There are number of reasons that make laptop batteries ability to keep charge decline- heating, age and usage are among the top reasons. But no matter what, laptop battery ability to keep charge will decline with time- even if you keep it in the closet, power storage will eventually decline. However, you can prolong Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop battery life by following these guidelines.


Charging and discharging

Unlike other traditional NiCd and NiMH batteries which had memory effect- you had to completely discharge before recharging, laptop battery for Dell Inspiron 1564 is a modern device that uses Lithium Ion technology which work different from the traditional batteries and has no memory effect. In fact, it is not good to completely discharge Li-ion battery. If you can keep charge above 40%, the better, but you should never drain it completely. If you discharge battery to 40% and then charge it up to 100%, this is considered has one cycle. Nevertheless, it is good to discharge your battery completely at least once every month, it will prolong your laptop’s batter ability to keep charge.


Heat and cold

No doubt, heat damages all types of battery including the mobile phones battery- but laptops heat up more quickly and become hottest. If your laptop is very hot when plugged in, you should remove the Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop battery. Although this may not be the long term solution, this may help you buy time as you look for a technician to fix the heating problem. Heating problem should be fixed as soon as possible because it does not only damage the battery, but may have far reaching consequences such as spoiling the motherboard.

If you happen to store the device in a hot place, say in a hot car, your battery is likely to wear down faster. Always avoid storing in a hot place and keep the battery near room temperature.


You should not store the device in a fridge, or in an extreme cold temperature. This will significantly reduce the lifespan of the battery.


Use the recommended charger

To prolong the lifespan of the battery, always use the recommended Dell Inspiron 1564 adapter. Different adapters have different power input and output. To safeguard your battery from damage due to low or excessive power input, ensure you only use the recommended charger. If you are replacing your charger, ensure you only buy from a reputable dealer selling original charger.


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