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How to build quadcopter flight controller with altitude hold for you

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A lot of quadcopters is Cinema flying type which requires a smooth flight to shoot the smoothest videos or take beautiful pictures.To address this requirement,you should need Quadcopter flight controller with altitude hold.This post will tell you which flight controllers are.

 flight controller with altitude hold

Altitude hold is recommened flight mode

As we know that there are 16 filght modes of quadcopters, Acro mode / Altitude hold mode / Auto mode / Brake mode / Circle mode / Drift mode / Follow me mode / Guided mode / Land mode / Loiter mode / Poshold mode / position mode / RTL mode / Super simple modes / Sport mode and Stabilize mode.

As a beginner you should try the filght modes of Stabileze and Altitude hold. Stabileze mode allows you to control your quadcopters with self-levels the roll and pitch axis. Altitude hold mode allows you to control quadcopters to maintain the current altitude then the quadcopter can work for convenience .Best flight controller for quadcopter with altitude hold is alway recommened by pilots.

Some flight controllers require GPS dependency some don’t. Such as altitude hold do not require GPS lock.A beginner must to be comfortable with Stabileze and Altitude hold flight modes before progressing to other flight modes.

The listing of flight controller with altitude hold

You would like to choose a flight controller with altitude hold through the table in the order listed below.

Flight controller Board Altitude Hold
ArduCopter (APM 2.8) Yes
Crius All In One PRO Yes
Crius MultiWii SE Yes
DJI Naza Yes
MultiWii PRO 2.0 / MTK GPS Yes
Zero UAV YS-X6 Yes
Naze32 Yes
3DR PixHawk Yes
KK2 (Update) Yes

Here is post Flight controller board comparison

One question is that so many flight controller with altitude hold and how big is your quadcoper which you want to build?250 ? 450? Or 650? But different style have different choices.

If you diy 250 quadcopers,suggest choosing Naze32 which will give you the agility and then adding a nice GPS unit is your best bet.

If 450-550 sized quadcopters,DJI Naza-M Light is a good upgrade to the KK2.15 that’s easy to use.

If you want to build a professional quadcopter like 650+ Aerial photography platform carrying lots of expensive hardware ,give the Pixhawk a serious look. It’s got some amazing add-ons.

What’s more,if you have more experiences about choosing the flight controller with altitude hold,would you like to share them on here? Tell us your story about them, that’s welcome!By the way this good article from

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