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Few Common Myths about Asus A6000 Battery and Fact behind Those Myths

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Many times people make some misconception about many things and eventually those misconceptions become myth and people start believing on those myths and these myths are there for laptop battery as well. In this article I am going to talk about those myths related to Asus A6000 battery and fact behind those myths as well.


Unplug the adapter when the battery is charged: Many people believe on this myth that they should unplug their Asus A6000 adapter when their battery is charged. Well, this assumption has nothing to do with reality because when your battery is fully charged, then your laptop will stop charging it and your battery will remain almost intact from the power supply. Also, if you will unplug your laptop adapter, then it will start discharging your laptop battery and you will need to charge it again.


Discharge the battery completely before charging it again: this is also a common belief that people should discharge the laptop battery completely before charging it again. They assume it will increase the battery life of their Asus laptop battery for A6000, but this is also only a myth and they have nothing to support this point. However, if you are using Mac laptops, then you should try to do that because they count charging and recharging cycles for battery warranty. Also, if you never need to discharge your laptop battery, then also you should completely discharge your laptop battery.


You will get longer battery life if you won’t use it: It is true for so many things that if you will not use it, then it will work for a longer time. However, this is not the case with Asus A6000 battery and if you will not use it at all, then you will surely lose its charging capacity in some time. That’s why it is necessary that you regularly run your laptop on its battery and if you don’t need to use it, then also discharge your battery completely every once in a while.


Along with all these common myths many people also assume that they can use their Asus ac adapter for A6000 with any kind of voltage supply and it will regulate the voltage for their laptop. Indeed, an adapter is designed for that purpose only, but if you have continuously fluctuating power supply, then you should not plug your laptop adapter with power source because this continuous improper voltage may damage your laptop adapter and battery both.


ASUS A6000 Laptop Battery


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