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Review on Sony NP-FP50 Battery

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The Sony NP FP50 battery is a kind of battery that is available with cells of Lithium – ion and no effect of memory with it. This battery has a power of about 7.2 volts and has 680 mAH. This is a battery that has really longer battery life. This can be helpful for you to choose them for your camcorder or some camera. The NP FP50 is a kind of battery that is really good for the ones who does travelling. There is no memory effect associated with the lithium ion cells that are available with the battery. The battery is much efficient, light weight and compact too. The battery that is available has Lithium ion cells with it which is capable of providing no memory effect associated with it. The battery is highly efficient and light weighted one.


The battery for Sony NP FP50 is much compact and light weighted. The built- in multiprocessor that is associated with it is capable of communicating with camera, it can also has the capacity for indicating the remaining battery available in terms of minutes. This is the technology that is available exclusively for the company Sony. This is the battery which is much good in providing you with excellent and is much friendly to environment. The battery is free from the problems like mercury, cadmium and lead. The dimensions that are available with the battery is W x H x D that can be defined as 31.8xH18.5xD45.0 mm. The Sony recommends to use only the batteries that are Lithium with the products that have the mark of LITHIUM. The models and the accessories that are available from the company can vary in different places.


There are various different products available for which the Sony Camera battery is suitable. The HDR is a camera that is much suitable for having the battery in it. This is a camera that is handy size and also of much light weight. This is camcorder that is capable of capturing and displaying video in High definition mode. The handy cam has Clearvid CMOS sensor available with it. This also has HDMI connection associated with it. The DCR SR20E is another camera for which the Sony NP-FP50 Battery is made used. This is camera that is compact and is handy in nature. This is the one that has the capacity of about 60GB and is capable of recording video for a longer period of time.


DCR SR90E is another camera that is having 30GB hard drive and is used for about 21 hours. This is the one which is equipped with CCD that is available of 3MP. The widescreen is about 5.1 and has the Dolby capabilities associated with it. This is the handy cam which is of compact design with LCD screen of about 2.5 inches and fit for Sony NP-FP50 Camcorder Battery. The screen has all the touch panel capabilities. The DCR DVD 202E is a kind of candy cam that is available with lens from zeiss, This has the screen of 2.7 inches wide and also the channels of 5.1 available with it.


SONY NP-FP50 Camcorder Battery

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