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Tips to Know When Buying Replacement Dell Laptop Batteries

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Buying Dell laptop batteries and replacement parts is always a tricky business. The market is flooded with under par goods and the fact that people are never keen with what they are buying makes this even more treacherous. It is even more serious when those parts are meant for your most loved and dependable device. As such, a good number of people will more than often discard their perfectly working machine instead of buying the replacement parts. The most common part that usually suffers from the wear and tear is the battery.


Once your HP DV4 battery starts to misbehave and holds charge for extremely short periods, your laptop seemingly starts to look more like a desktop. This is because you are ever plugged in whenever you need to use it. However, if you have gone through this phase, it is inevitable that the ordeal of buying a replacement battery was less pleasant than buying a new laptop. However, this does not have to be the case anymore. There are two or more things that you would have to keep in mind to make better decisions in such instances.


While buying a Dell Inspiron 6400 battery or any other battery for that matter keep the following in mind. First off, make sure that you are aware of the make and model of your computer. This is because different makes and models come with different designs of batteries. Therefore, having this information will narrow down your search greatly. Secondly, know how many cells your battery has. This especially matters if you would like to have longer charge life. The number of cells dictates how long the battery can keep charge. The higher the number the longer the charge life. But you should make sure that you first check with your manufacturer to see if that would be compatible with your machine.


The other very important thing is voltage. It is necessary to make sure that you do not veer far from the voltage that is indicated on the original Dell battery. Additionally, if your battery is functioning just okay then your adapter could be to blame.


Buying the right adapter is not any less important than buying the right battery. In any case, if you don’t buy the right adapter, you will greatly shorten the life of your battery. Here, two things really matter: The DC output and the pin. Make sure that the adapter is meant for your particular model. Then, check to see if the DC voltage it puts out is what is indicated on the computer. This will help safeguard and prolong the life of your battery. If this checks out, lastly check the pin and make sure it can fit into your computer. It would be very disappointing to go through all the trouble only to find out that the pin is not compatible. However, to reduce all the risks and calamities, you can simply carry your laptop with you to the shop. This will make sure that by the time you leave the shop everything fits and works fine.


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