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What to Do When an HP Pavilion DV4 Battery Stops Functioning

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If you have been using your HP Pavilion DV4 Battery for some time, it is important for you to anticipate some hiccups. Though some might be major and require replacement, some are minor and can be corrected for you to continue using the batter. The most important thing for you is to understand the right thing to do when the battery stops functioning.


Check the battery warranty

All dell accessories such as HP Pavilion DV4 Battery come with special warrants covering specific periods of time. You should therefore check for the warrant because it could save you a lot of money required for replacement. If the warranty period is not surpassed, you should identify the provided phone number from the manufacturer and call immediately. The manufacturer will note all your details and advise you where to drop the battery and when to collect the replacement. If the warrant is surpassed and the problem is major, you will have to look for a replacement.


Check the battery power level and mains supply

The failure of the HP battery for Pavilion DV4 might be originating from a different area. You should therefore check whether the battery is charged or not. If the battery does not work and you had left it on the mains, there is a possibility of failure from the mains. The charging system could also be faulty. Use a tester to establish whether there is current in the socket outlet you always use to charge the battery. If it does not, try charging it from a different socket outlet.


Check whether there is some power in the battery for HP Pavilion DV4 by placing the copper ends of a voltage meter on the positive and negative nodes. If it does not have power, consider charging it before drawing any conclusion that it is faulty. However, if it has some power, it is most probable that the laptop or the charging system is faulty. For those who do not have meters, take the battery to a local electrician or point of sale and have it tested for free.


Test the battery using a different laptop

The last step you should take to determine whether it is your HP Pavilion DV4 adapter, HP Pavilion DV4 battery or laptop that is faulty, is taking it to a friend with a similar laptop. Fit it in the battery slot or connect the adapter to the mains and see whether they are working. If the battery works, then you should know that it is your laptop that has some problems. However, if it does not work, it is faulty and you should start looking for a replacement immediately.


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