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You should Know When to Buy or Charge a Dell Latitude E5500 Laptop Battery

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Dell Latitude E5500 battery is of lithium ion type and for this reason, with time it get damaged and unable to hold enough charge to power your computer. Besides being a natural thing for a laptop battery to get dilapidated with time, there are other factors that lead to failure of your laptop to get charged and some of the factors include a damaged Dell adapter. The following therefore are some of the trouble shooting measures that enables you to know where the problem is and the decision you will make between charging your battery and buying a new one for your laptop.


Consider replacing your Dell Latitude E5500 laptop battery

This is a smart notification that a computer is set to display when the ability of the battery to hold charge does not meet the power requirement of the machine. Under this situation, it is almost definite that the battery is completely done and that you need to buy a new battery for Dell Latitude E5500, although it is good to double check and see if the cause of the problem is as a result of virus attack to the interface files of your computer.


Plugged but not charging

This is a notification message normally given by a laptop is the charging system is damaged and that the Dell battery for Latitude E5500 is not being charged even though it is plugged to a power source. Most people unknowingly buy a new battery under such a situation having a little knowledge that the problem here is not your battery but it is the computer that needs to be repaired. Hence under such a situation, take your machine to a specialist and have the problem rectified and you will not regret it later when you will have bought a new lithium ion battery only to realize that the problem is with the charging system and that you need to look for money for the real problem now.


When your laptop takes a short time before it gives a low battery signal

It is normal that when a battery and Dell Latitude E5500 adapter has deteriorated enough to have reached its salvage value, it keeps very little charge and that after less than twenty minutes of full charge, it notifies that it is out of power. Under such a situation, use the available methods and buy a new battery to avoid power inconvenience.


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