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Preteen Lingerie - Shopping For Preteen Bras and Lingerie For Young Teens

Preteen Lingerie - Girls begin to blossom at different times in their lives, and there is no single time when it's best to buy a first bra. Usually, the time comes when girls become self-conscious about their appearance as tiny breast buds begin to appear under their shirts and clothing.

When it is time to go shopping for training bras, preteen panties and intimate apparel, you'll want to minimize that uncomfortable feeling that a young girl can have about her body, and instead focus on some of the positive points of her maturing body. These include things like the fact that she's growing up, that she's not a little girl anymore and that she's moving into young womanhood.

Teen bras for young girls are called a variety of different things including training bras, preteen bras, starter bras, bralets and first bras. These are simply names for bras with very small cup sizes, and you may actually find them in the adult bra section.

All girls mature at different rates, but you can usually look for signs between 11 and 13 years of age. Some mature sooner and others at a slower rate, so if you see something happening around age 10 or later than age 14, don't panic. It's still perfectly normal.

Peer pressure is something else that may inspire a young girl to want a training bra. Just like boys and shaving, girls and breasts are a big deal. If you're daughter is blossoming, you will want to get her a first bra so that during classes where she might be embarrassed, there won't be a problem. These include physical education classes and sports activities where preteen lingerie will be highlighted.

The selection of preteen bras and teen lingerie is another challenge. Be sure and take it slow and gentle, because growing breast tissue can be delicate and have some tenderness. Proper sizing is essential for a girl's first bra. It's also a good time to teach a girl how to get the correct bra size so that she doesn't spend money on products that are either too big or too small.

Preteen lingerie that is too small can be uncomfortable, so you want to get the right size from the beginning. You may want to get the help of a sales consultant who specializes in lingerie for teenagers; a good investment in making sure that the training bra and any bras and teen lingerie going forward will be sized correctly.

Support is another issue that needs to be dealt with. With the first bra, support is both psychological as well as physical. On the psychological side, a comfortable teen sports bra gives a young girl a feeling of safety as she plays and participates in sports, so that she won't feel self conscious. Many parents will also go for a slightly larger cup size that gives a loose bra fit so that the girl doesn't feel cramped or bound. This also allows her to grow into a teen training bra as she matures.

Pre-adolescent girls need to find their way as they mature. There are changing expectations, and as their body changes, there are also unique challenges. Girls who are growing breasts should feel supported and comfortable. Pretty lingerie for teens that is both comfortable and supportive translates into higher confidence levels so that girls feel that they can take more risks in terms of joining activities they might otherwise have avoided. With the right approach and gentle nurturing, shopping for a girl's first bra and preteen lingerie will be an event she remembers long into the future with pride and confidence.

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