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how to Choose the best parts for quadcopter

These days are CES 2016,We can expect from CES,Rise of the drones.there are many quadcopters brands show in the Exhibition.After wathing them,you should have the urge to build a quadcopter.

There many articles to tell you how to choose the best parts for your quadcopter. include FM,flight controlls,motor,esc,battery,etc.all of them is necessary for making a quadcopter at home.Today here will share you the main idea of how to choose the best parts for a quadcopter.

Quadcopter battery calculator

Frist,you have to know how big quadcopter you want to build? 180mm or 250mm or 450mm or more biger?All parts select is base on the quadcopter size.For example,if you want to build a 250 fpv racing quadcopter,so you have to choose 1300mah-1800mah 4s lipo battery for it and also you have to shop one fpc racing flight controll which is suit to 250 post is recommended to you:best flight controller for quadcopter .

About lipo battery which is an important parts for your quadcopter,the fligt time depends on it. There are many battery brands on the market,It's difficult to choose the best one for the beginners.but one brand is gens ace is recommended to you. gens ace lipo battery have been?well received by users.we will post how to choose the battery for you quadcopter in next days time,if you are insteresting,pls pay your attention on here.

In fact,I don't suggest you diy one quadcopter by yourself before you have flying experience or rc hobby will waste your money,becuse quadcopter will be often you can buy a small rc drone to take exercises.after you have some feels,you can buy all parts of quadcopter to build it.

How to diy one quadcopter is a?skilledjob thatrequires?practice,frist time you can watch videos on youtube website,step one by one.offcourse,we will post article like these on can't miss. If you have some diy quadcopter experiences,post your comments below here,That's welcome.

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