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Picking The Perfect Hockey Skates

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When it comes to hockey, skates are the most important piece of gear you can own. The wrong ones can prevent you from covering enough ground with speed or agility while the right skates will allow you to play at your ultimate best. Picking a pair of skates is not as simple as buying a pair of shoes, you must consider your budget, experience level, size and shape of your feet and more. What you will read below are a couple helpful hints for finding the best hockey skates for you.

Getting that ultimate fit in hockey skates is not always a easy task. Skate baking is only one of the best ways to get a good fit in your hockey skates. What we mean is exactly what you might think, put them in oven to bake and then wear them on your feet until they are cooled off. This softens them and causes them to mold to the size of your feet. You can find instructions on how to do this at home but that can be risky if you don't do it right you could ruin the skate or burn yourself. Don't be a hero, instead try taking your skates to a pro shop who is more equipped to handle the task safely and properly. This method of baking your skates is almost like having a custom pair of skates made to fit your feet specifically.

When you first buy hockey skates, they need to be sharpened. This is something that's not done by the manufacturer before sending them off to stores. These skates will need to be taken in for sharpening if you buy them anywhere that doesn't have the proper equipment on hand. If you're looking for superior performance from your skates, you're going to need to take great care of the blades and the skate itself. Not only do the skates need to be sharpened when purchased but also after every ten hours of ice time.

Find out exactly what items and/or services are included in the price of the skates.

One example would be that skates must be sharpened when first purchased and frequently afterwards. Some specialty shops offer perks like free sharpening of blades for people who buy from them. Many shops will also provide free adjustments for skates that are tight on the feet for free when the skates are purchased there but this is not an option that can be used on skates that are too big - unfortunately. There is a technique known as baking that is offered by some small shops and this technique literally molds the skate for a better fit on your foot. It's important to ask before you buy the skates though as most shops charge extra for these services.

You'll find a wider selection today than ever before when it comes to hockey skates. This makes it even more important to know what you need in a skate and what that has to do with your feet, the level of experience you have, and the position you play. Use these excellent tips to buy hockey skates that will bring great improvements to your hockey game.

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