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Is Adoption the Better Option?

In this era of over-population, adoption has become a viable option, but when should we breed and when should we adopt? If adoption was more widely accepted we might just find a whole new dimension in our lives.

Paying For Adoption

Expanding a family through adoption is an exciting and challenging step for any family. One of the realities and challenges of adoption is that it can be an expensive process. Not only does adoption add long-term costs to every family, it can also require significant expenses during the process. But the price tag on adoption should not be a prohibitive step. In fact, there are a number of ways to work towards paying for an adoption.

Choosing An Adoption Agency

The adoption process should be a joyful experience for every person involved. One of the most important decisions that an adoptive family will make can have a great impact on their adoption. Having the right people supporting you and advising you through your adoption can make a significant difference on the progression of your adoption. Choosing the right adoption agency and having the advice of a trustworthy family attorney are big decisions in any adoption.

Adoption By A Stepparent

The most common form of adoption in most states is stepparent adoption. This can be an important step for the unity of a family that has been divided for some reason. A stepparent may represent brokenness to some children, but adoption may be influential in how they view their relationship with their stepparent and their entire family. Also, stepparent adoption has important legal implications that should be fully understood as a person applies for adoption of their stepchild.

Adopting Parents

Adoption is regulated differently in every state in the US. In some states, one of the most important legal implications of adoption is the change in status of parents. Once a petition for adoption has been completed and filed, the adopting parents have agreed to take on the legal status as "parents" of their adopted child. The legal rights and responsibilities are exactly the same as if the child had been their biological child.

Texas Adoption Codes

The Texas Family Code, Chapter 162, outlines the regulations for adoption in Texas. It contains regulations that are vital information for families and individuals who are in the adoption process or who are considering adoption in Texas. These codes deal with hundreds of issues including proper filing of records and the approval of adoption between families and the adopted child. The process of adoption can be taxing because of the amount of administrative work that must be processed in order to complete the adoption. Knowing this information can make this process more bearable.

International Adoption

The Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter-Country Adoption, more commonly referred to as the Hague Adoption Conference, was concluded in may of 1993, agreed to by the United States in 1994 and put into practice by 1998. This convention, which resulted in the coalition of 80 countries, intended to shift the face of inter-country adoption by increasing transparency and efficiency through standardized visas. It also took into account higher standards of consideration for the best interest of children up for adoption in order to reduce human trafficking and what is somewhat vulgarly referred to as "baby-selling".
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