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Buy Best Cheap Android Phones Can Meet Your Needs

It is no doubt that everyone needs a best cheap android phone because it is such an important gadget in order to communicate with friends, relatives the modern society. Phones have becomes such an integral part of our life that we find our communications and other activities getting affected if we did not have them. They have gone beyond just being a communication device, they are also used for entertainment and communication.Currently the Android phones have taken the market by a storm.

Report: Four times as many Android phones as iPhones shipped in second quarter

Got an iPhone? You're in the minority.

There were four Android phones for every iPhone shipped in the second quarter, research firm IDC said Wednesday. That's up from a ratio of 2.5 to 1 in the same period last year.

The success of Samsung's Android phones helped Google's operating system extend its dominance in the smartphone market.

iPhone 5 May Be Smaller Than 8 MM,really?

May 4th, 2012 A major redesign is anticipated in the 2012 release of Apple's iPhone, the iPhone 5. But, according to the latest report, the Cupertino-giant will be introducing its slimmest phone ever which can possibly break the 8 millimeter mark. Rumors say that Apple will utilize a new technology for the iPhone 5's display screen which will put the touch sensors of the phone within its panel instead of above it. As a result of this, the screen will become thinner. android phone

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Androidとは、元々はAndroid携帯電話向 けソフトウェアを開発している会社のことでした。モバイル向け検索など、携帯電話からのインターネット利用を強化していたGoogleは、創設22ヶ月と いう新興企業であるAndroidを買収します。その後、2007年11月、米Google社(Google Inc.)は無償で利用できる携帯電話用のプラットフォームとしてのAndroidを発表します。

Androidは、Linuxカーネルをベースとした携帯電話用のOSやミドルウェア、アプリケーションをすべて含んだオープンな環境です。携帯電 話用のプラットフォームには、マイクロソフトWindows Mobile、シンビアンSymbian OSがありますが、Androidは無償で利用できる点が大きな特徴となっています。

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