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Were Panic Attacks The Same In Prehistoric Times As They Are Now?

In the middle of October, Drok and his little band start off for their winter quarters very close to what is now Brighton. They'd been travelling for about six days, when Drok saw a trail branching off the one they were on at the moment, and decided to explore it for a little way. He walked down the dusty path, his glance darting to left and right.

The End of Racism on Earth

I was born in Brazil, but my parents were Greek. In Brazil there are many black people, and many of them are poor, like the poor Africans who are starving today. There are many black and white people starving in many places of this world. When I discovered the divine origin of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams in 1989, I wanted very much to cry, but I had no tears. I was totally insensitive like my father. The unconscious mind completely cured my psyche before my neurosis would become schizophrenia. It helped me recuperate my lost sensitivity.

Who Were The Saxons And The Normans?

It's sometimes thought that the Norman ruling class, the mail-clad cavalry warrior, was a breed apart. First in Normandy and then later in England, after Hastings, it's seen as a 'them and us' situation. This isn't strictly true. In England especially, the defeated Saxons were in the main considered 'commoners,' and largely socially ignored.

Multiculturalism in America

Multiculturalism is nothing but multiple cultures living in the same society in an organized manner. People from different countries, ethnicity, traditions and backgrounds live and work together. This amazing feature is an important part of American society.

The Strange Minds Of The Conspiracy Theorists

To say that conspiracies don't take place, would be naive in the extreme. After all, how do we know what 'black' Government departments are up to out of sight of the press or any oversight body? Conspiracy theories, it can't be denied, are always great fun.

Racism and Mental Illnesses - The Absurdity of Hating Black People

Racism is violence and cruelty against those who have a dark skin only because the racist becomes idiotic when the anti-conscience controls his behavior. Those who show hate against another human being only because of the color of his skin cannot but be considered absurd. Hate against anyone is the result of the domination of the anti-conscience into the human conscience. The anti-conscience is a wild animal that can think, but has no sensitivity. Its rationalism is absurd, and it doesn't respect moral principles. The human being becomes a true monster when he is dominated by his primitive nature.

A Short History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is held annually on the last Monday of May. It is America's favorite federal holiday as it is an official start of the summer season. Besides this, it is also an emotional holiday for many people because this day honors the fallen soldiers of the US Army.

Were There Any Bows And Arrows In The Stone Age?

Neolithic rock paintings from Cueva de los Caballos, Castellon, in Spain, shows a variety of figures shooting bows and arrows at deer. The bows are often beautifully shaped; from the simple bow, to the double convex, (bent slightly from the middle, then further still towards the tips), to the segmented type, (a bow that makes an arc of a circle). The figures themselves are all depicted in realistic action to such an extent, that if they suddenly sprang to life, you wouldn't be surprised.

William the Conqueror - The Wrestle Over Pardons

We're told that the Conqueror admitted to, and repented of, sins such as those committed against the people of Yorkshire. We could debate for hours on whether the Yorkshire action was indeed a sin in the true sense, or whether it was a necessity of war by the conquering nation.
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