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Genuine Clairvoyance (Keep Your Mind At Home And Improve Yourself)

The best way in life to improve yourself and everything around you is self improvement, not improving anything definitively outside yourself. Sure, that sounds closed minded and foolish in a sense. But, it really is not. Give me a chance to explain.

How To Be A Great Song And Dance Man Of History

When I say the words "song and dance," I do not mean performance, I mean what all honest philosophers, pundits, and people have been saying throughout history. It is a big song and dance in comparison with the reality of what people have been doing throughout said history of the world. What I mean is, reality does not line up with the song and dance routines that have been done throughout history for honesty, reality and reason.

Do Not Let It Go, The Genuine Way Of Doing What Needs To Be Done

Sure, patience, understanding and tolerance is a way to genuinely get things done over the long run, but another law underpins that law. If there is nothing you can immediately do about things or even have unfulfilled revenge feelings or an unrequited anger, let it go and become successful no matter what on your own terms. Recently, I was reading a new book by Laura Schlessinger on revenge and unrequited anger and an old article by Napoleon Hill on temporary failure, and they are both saying what I am saying in this article here.

This Is The Nature Of The Beasts And Demons Of Life

Life is hard at times, and easy at other times, in that order. Sure, we win to the extent we sell out, some think, out of fear of the beasts and demons that life throws at us. Actually we make them ourselves and I can tell you how.

The Best Things In Existence Really Are Free

Our minds, our spirits, our valuable totality comes free, but I feel, then know, that it is the most valuable commodity or thing that we have in existence. I would have termed this article "The best things in life we have are free," but that would have been too obviously limited. So I decided to go more universal and write about existence.

The Matter Of Living By Genuine Intuitive Reason

I know, intuitveness and reason seem like two terms that are genuinely contradictory at times. But, some of my best decisions have been made reasonably following my intuition, even in a pinch when an immediate decision really is not forthcoming. Let this article guide you in using your faculties more and better.

The Past Is Spent Cash And Change, And The Future Is Unwritten

For my money, the past is spent cash and change and the future is an unwritten check. But the present is cold, hard now. But it is an easier future when you deal with it now instead of later though.

Winning Or Tripping?

There are two ways to win. There is the irrational way to win, or cheating. Then there is the rational way to win or working right. I advocate the second way, working right. That is what this article is about.

From The Cracker Barrel To The Sophisticated Container

In my mind, philosophy comes down to a rational way of life and existence, not silly theory or speculation. With that, I begin this article.

The Fantastic Trip

In life, we all have our due times and our do not do it times. When you are pressed yet cool in a situation, it is your due time. When you are nervous at any time, it is your do not do time. But, either way, if you look at it cool and objectively as the fantastic trip it all is, you will come out genuinely all right, even if it is apparently bad. This is my way of saying "to every gray cloud there is a silver lining."
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