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The Only Must Read Trilogy of the Summer - The Quintara Marathon

Newspapers and magazines are always recommending their top ten or gazillion favorite books to read at the beach. It always involved a female author and some gal traipsing through Tuscany. Well, those are the last books you will see me reading; lounging by the poolside wearing a big brimmed hat and oversized sunglasses.

The Twilight Novel by Stephanie Meyer

The Twilight Novel, written by Stephanie Meyer after a very realistic dream, is a hit. And it's a hit across the age lines that usually decide if a book is for kids or adults. Tweens, teens, and moms alike are drawn to the first novel of the Twilight Saga like a moths is drawn to the flame. They are also drawn to the second, third and fourth books too. This new writer had such a realistic dream, that she woke up and began to put together this long, but compelling, story about a vampire, Edward Cullen, and his human soul mate, Bella Swan. Within months, her book was picked up by a publisher and once it hit the bookstore shelves it was an instant hit.
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