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Earn Money by Working Independently

Direct selling has helped many people to reestablish themselves after a corporate layoff. By selling health and wellness products directly to consumers, the independent contractors are able to earn commissions that rival or exceed their former salary.

Party Promoter Guide - 5 Ways to Promote a Party

If you are someone who love to party and make money while inviting a lot of people to come and join, you can become a party promoter and earn while you do what you love. Of course, a party promoter can enjoy the party and make money as well.

How to Promote Parties - Tips to Help You Invite People to a Party

If you have an upcoming party and you want people to come and visit your place for business opportunities or for just the pure enjoyment of the activity, you can actually learn how to promote parties in just a few easy tips. Of course, if you don't want to take the responsibility of letting everyone know about the party, you can also hire a party promoter to be responsible for spreading the word about the party.

Why You Should Never Get a 'Real' Job (And Work For Yourself Instead)

While many people might disagree, having a 'regular' 9-5 job isn't always the best way of making money and supporting yourself. Many people dream of starting their own business (whatever it may be) but view it as being too risky. While this certainly can be true, there are many advantages to not having a 'real' job and being self-employed.

How to Become the Go-To Professional

You're good at what you do...but do your prospective clients know that? Too many professionals rely on their credentials and certifications to communicate their competence. The problem is that most people outside your profession usually do not understand (or don't care about) the meaning of those letters after your name. To get more and better clients, you need to stand out from the crowd by proactively positioning yourself. Here are three principles to help you become "The Go-To Professional" in your specialty and your target market.

How Big is Your Whuffie - Transform Your Reputation Into a Client Magnet

What if the strength of your personal reputation was as important as cash in the bank? We are entering an age where relationships are just as important, and probably even more so, than money. This article explains how to build your reputation in order to attract more and better clients.

Is a Vending Machine Business a Good Idea During a Recession?

There are some who would say no, it's too risky, too much expense to outlay, too much time to commit. Others say yes, it's a business you can grow over time. We'll evaluate some pros and cons.

Resilience - Live a No-Limits Life in Chaotic Times

How successful are you at staying balanced during these chaotic times? If you are like the majority of people, probably not as well as you'd like... What if you redefined what "balance" means to you?

How to Barter Your Services Profitably

When starting out as a self-employed service provider, especially in a difficult economy, you are often faced with clients who need your services, want to hire you, but are unable to pay you in cash. In your eagerness to start doing what you really love to do, the temptation to lower your price or give your service away is irresistible - and dangerous if you are not careful. If you choose to consider a barter or pro-bono arrangement, here are ten tips to make sure it is profitable for you!
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