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Understanding The Pleasure Principle In Joint Venture Marketing

The pleasure principle is not a new concept, but it is one that can be used in innovative ways when applying the principle to joint venture marketing campaigns. This psychological approach gets to the very core of human behavior, which makes it particularly effective in advertising. We will explain precisely what the pleasure principle entails and how to use it in your advertising to make the most of your joint venture efforts.

How to Nurture Trust in Your Joint Venture Partnership

Investing in a joint venture marketing partnership is a great way to build the trust of customers and increase your bottom-line overall. However, before you can nurture a relationship with customers, you must first build trust and confidence with your potential JV partners. This article will cover some of the best ways to build trust among the members of a JV partnership.

Joint Venture Psychology - Turning Weaknesses to Strengths

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Anyone who has sat down for a job interview has probably been asked these questions. However, have you actually sat down and truly analyzed your weaknesses?

11 Reasons Why Companies Form Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are very common - and in fact, more common than you might think. Particularly, JVs are quite prevalent amongst big business. Oil and gas companies are common allies when it comes to forming joint ventures for drilling purposes. Electronics joint ventures, such as Sony Ericsson, fuel innovation and global access to untapped markets.

Questions and Answers to Starting a Joint Venture

To form a joint venture or not to form a joint venture: that is the question. Joint ventures are a strategic alliance and partnership between you and another entrepreneur for a specific business purpose. Profit is generally the biggest motivation for forming a JV, but there are other reasons - which is why you should ask yourself some important questions before you begin.

Follow Wal-Mart's Joint Venture Example

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to find a way to increase sales and enter new business arenas, a joint venture is a great way to break into new horizons. An entrepreneur with savvy business acumen can research, find, and negotiate a JV deal with another business that can help achieve new business goals.

Use Business Psychology to Help Your JV Succeed

Business psychology is one of the fastest-growing and exciting areas of business application. Major colleges and universities are creating undergraduate and graduate programs that deal specifically with business psychology. Business leaders in larger corporations are finding that business psychology helps their organizations perform more efficiently and run at optimum levels.
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