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Child Custody

Child Support Modification

A divorce proceeding for families with children can be a complicated matter. A divorce forces parents to make important decisions that have a significant impact on the lives of their children. Questions like who a child should live with, how often they should see each parent, and how much financial support is necessary to give them a reasonable life style are all important considerations that must be made.

How an Attorney Can Help Increase Child Support

The amount of your child support payment can be altered. Circumstances change. Children grow up. They get sick. You have to pay for college. You may lose your job. These situations may all affect what an appropriate child support payment should be. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to change the amount of money coming from your partner. This is why people hire an attorney to help them prepare for court as well as fight for the alimony agreement they deserve.

Day Care Center Negligence

When making the decision to send your child to a day care center, the highest level of care and attention is not only expected, but required. The most obvious concern is whether or not it will be a safe environment for your child, and once entrusted, there should not be an exorbitant amount of time spent worrying whether or not your child is in good hands. Caretaking for someone else's children is not a job that should be taken lightly, but unfortunately there are many cases of day care center negligence, despite government regulations on these businesses.

Voluntary Declarations of Paternity

If the other parent of your child has served you with an action to set aside or cancel voluntary paternity, you will have to respond. This process is complicated so it is best to consult with an attorney to ensure that you make choices that are in your and your child's best interest.

The Primary Caretaker Standard

Following a divorce, both parents my find themselves battling for custody of their child. As a devoted parent, you may feel that you deserve to be the primary guardian of your children. The other parent may not be a "bad" person, but you may be better equipped to be your child's primary guardian. In court, a judge will often take the side of the parent who is considered to be the child's "primary caretaker."

Things You Should Know Before Making The Child Custody Arrangement

Since child custody during legal separation in a marriage is an issue that will affect you for the rest of your life, therefore one must be well versed with all integrities encompassing the issue. Be sure of doing your ground work well so that you are not taken by any surprises during the actual proceeding.

Understand Child Abandonment Laws

Marital discord, extra marital affairs, divorces are all actions of adults; the repercussions which unfortunately are mostly borne by minors. Parents involved in such activities tend to ignore the interests of their wards, leading to child abandonment.

Filing For Child Custody

Child custody, in terms of legal proceedings, includes both emotional and sensitive issues that deal with child abuse, guardianship, parental rights termination, divorce of the spouses, adoption policies, etc. The most common reason for child custody issues is divorce of the parents. In many cases, parents arrive at a mutual agreement on child care.

Evidence in Child Custody Cases

When parents decide to divorce, it is definitely a major point of upheaval in their lives. However, it can be even more traumatic for their children. This is especially true if the kids have to wait and see which parent will have custody. Custody battles can be the most stressful and contentious parts of a divorce, and judges will look very carefully at the evidence in order to award custody to the parent who offers the best support for the child.

How Child Abuse Allegations Factor Into Custody Hearings

Child abuse allegations are never something to be taken lightly. When child abuse allegations appear during custody hearings, it may be the case that abuse was the main catalyst for the divorce proceeding the custody hearing. But whether or not the abuse was mentioned before or after the separation, the safety of the child should always come first.
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