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Continuing Education

Getting Into Medical School From College Scrubs

Getting into medical school is tough and getting tougher. Medical schools are seeking the finest minds and the most determined and motivated college scrubs students.

3 Reasons To Get You Masters Degree

Have you ever thought about getting your masters degree? Chances are that you've been playing with the idea and you may even have some ideas on exactly what you want your masters degree to be about. Less than 10% of graduates go on to complete a masters degree and regardless of your area of study it can open new doors for you.

Deciding To Go With Microsoft Courses

There are many trends that come up every year in regards to the field of Technology and Information and this means that new fields will be developed and more and more people who will have the necessary skills to cope with them, will be sought after. If you are someone who is working in a digital company, then you should know that if you attain expertise in more Microsoft products, then you will definitely increase your chances of getting hired by an important company and having your salary increased a lot. The courses are many and if...

Computer Courses For Beginners

Think you may need some basic computer courses? Do you know what types are available and where to find them?

Getting An Education While In The Military

Why wait until you get discharged to start going to college? You can get started with your school while you are still enlisted.

It Is Never Too Late to Learn

It is never too late to learn. As a young mother I was so happy to learn that an song writer I admire, didn't write her first song until she was almost 50. It gave me hope. We have a life time to learn, that is a comforting thought.
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