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Cross Cultural

Becoming Culturally Literate In An Expatriate Culture Will Facilitate Your Adaptation and Adjustment

Your cultural nationalism can do more to prevent successful adaptation to expatriate living than probably any other cause. Why? If you tend to view every action and relational interaction with the natives of your adopted country only through the eyes of your own cultural upbringing, much of the day to day life will be misinterpreted and lead to conflicts...

So You Think You Are Bilingual, How Bilingual Are You?

I have been told by most people who hear me speak Spanish (my mother tongue is English) that I am fluent in it. That alone should be enough for me to call myself bilingual. However, I have encountered numerous situations over the years where I felt completely lost in Spanish. So, if I am so fluent, why would this happen to me? The answer is a simple but often overlooked one. Bilinguals usually acquire and use their second ( or third or fourth) language for specific purposes and when they get outside of this specific linguistic domain, their experience (and the language which represents that experience) is limited.

Return From India - My Experience With Reverse Culture Shock

Time tends to clarify some of our experiences and relegate others to the very depths of obscurity in our memories. The experience I had in India over three decades ago still remains vivid today in my mind and contains lessons in culture shock and reverse culture shock that I will never forget. Upon my return to the United States after three months in India, I had to pack up and prepare my family to move to Puerto Rico to begin a visiting professorship. This was within less than a month after my arrival back home and started a culture shock/reverse culture shock cycle that took some time to end.

Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock - Which Will Effect You The Most As An Expatriate?

Much is made of the occurrence of culture shock for expatriates but little discussion occurs on the reverse but oftentimes more severe shock, that of returning to your home culture after a time away. In fact the majority of people who experience it are not even aware of its existence, even though it's occurrence can physically and emotionally disrupt your life. Like culture shock, reverse culture shock affects different individuals to a different degree. Being aware of the possibility of its occurrence upon your return home may not stop it, but will help you understand what is happening to you.

Use Your Youthful Years To Experience Cross Cultural Adventures And To Broaden Your World View

A frequently heard saying is: "It is such a shame to waste youth on the young". I believe Oscar Wilde's quote said it even more succinctly: "Youth is wasted on the young." The years in which we have the most inquisitiveness, the most physical energy, and the sharpest minds are often the years with the least purpose. It is so much easier to learn another language and become familiar with another cultural tradition when you are totally immersed in it. With the international interconnectedness today, it is imperative to know more about other countries if one is to be fully educated.

Three Common Cultural Reasons For Miscommunication Between Expatriates and Their Foreign Hosts

When actions are perceived through a cultural filter, actions which some perceive as unnatural, ignorant, or objectionable in one culture; may be perfectly normal in another. It is this type of cultural misunderstanding that creates so many misperceptions among disparate groups of peoples. Expatriates in particular are constantly bombarded by these cultural differences. The disparities between the perceived meanings of words and actions between cultural groups become greater to the degree that the cultures historically share little in common.

Three Types of Interactive Situations In Which Language Differences Affect Expatriates

Language differences have a greater effect on communication between expatriates and the members of their host country than most could ever realize. Whether they speak the language of the country fluently, rely on translators, or only put forth their best efforts at using their minimum knowledge of the local language, meaningful communication does not always occur. Notice that I said meaningful communication. In an interaction between two or more individuals, communication always occurs for one cannot not communicate. Even silence, in the present of others communicates.

Integrating Expatriate Living, Serial Expatriatism, and Multicultural Experiences

Our own cultural traditions influence us more than we wish to admit. We are not aware of many of our beliefs and customs and how they effect everything we do in life until we are confronted with a different set of beliefs and customs. Living in a expatriate cultural environment is one of the quickest ways to realize these differences.

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