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Early Childhood Education

Much of the global elite present at the marriage of Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Much of the global elite arrived Saturday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg for the religious marriage of Crown Prince Wilhelm and the young Belgian Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, an event that shines the spotlight on this exceptionally small quiet country.The Catholic ceremony presided in French and English by the Archbishop of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Hollerich, began shortly after 11:00 am (0900 GMT).

Dealing With the Basic Question of "Where Do Babies Come From?"

Where do babies come from? This is one of the million questions preschool children ask their parents. Sometimes it puts the adults to a brief state of panic or the urge to call the spouse for help.

Choosing a Safe Day Care

When it comes time to put a child in day care, it is going to take an emotional toll on both the parent and child. Different children handle being away from their families differently. Thus it is important to reduce some of this stress by carefully and thoroughly researching different child care facilities.

School Bus Safety Tips

Every year, big yellow buses take to the roads from August to May to pick up children and take them to and from school. Riding the bus is a great way for kids to get to know neighborhood children as well as classmates. However, if the bus driver acts erratically or drives recklessly, it can put your son or daughter in serious danger due to the lack of seat belts and other safety features on a bus.

Teaching Young Children Good Virtues

Children are a precious gift from God who bless the lives of the families that they are born into. From the time that they are small and innocent, infants rely on the love and guidance that they receive at home to help them know right from wrong.

Easy Ways To Learn The Presidents Of The United States

If you have to learn the presidents in order, there are some very easy ways to start memorizing them. Find out what some of these techniques are that will help you or your child learn them better.

Daycare Advantages

Decided to send your child to daycare is a difficult decision to make. When trying to make this decision, consider the advantages to a good daycare.

Learning Creativity and Exploration, the Younger the Better

Nothing is as valuable for a child as the love of learning. The love of exploration and the love of adventure. Combined together and a child can become unstoppable.

Finding a Safe and Fun Day Care

I know a lot of mothers who would love to have the opportunity to cut back on their work hours and stay home with their children more often. It seems like 50 years ago, most women were able to stay home while their husband's salary alone was enough to provide for the family.

Are We Pushing Our Kids to Learn to Read Too Early?

Is your child doomed to failure because he or she isn't reading fluently by age 4 or 5? Far from it, but some modern parents seem to think so.
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