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Eco Innovations

Heat Pumps Are Vital To Renewable Energy Industry

Plastic Recycling Concerns and Issues

Modern plastics are a pretty incredible substance, but there are some real issues with plastics. Some may never biodegrade for example. You can find the most deserted and remote island in the south Pacific and the shores will absolutely be littered with plastic substances like bottles, bags, 6 pack holders, boxes, and much more. We are often told that most plastics break down or biodegrade in 100 years, but since plastics have not existed that long, we are not really sure. Now some newer plastics are described as biodegradable, meaning they do break down, but most of these require oxygen. This means that, for example, plastic bags buried in a land fill and not going to break down as they have no oxygen. Obviously one solution, at least a partial solution, is recycling plastics.

Waste Management Collection Recycling Solutions for Healthier Living

To live in a cleaner and healthier environment it is important to manage the used materials or wastes if not managed they tend to destroy our peaceful environment and leads to severe problems. The best way to manage the waste is recycling; recycle is the process by which the waste items are transformed into a new product to reduce its harmful effect towards the environment. It is the simple process starting from the collection of waste materials from various places like roads, houses or shops costing for it and other places.

Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

Due to the undesirable activities of mankind, various environmental issues have started threatening the survival of many living species and also affected the ecological balance. Since there has been a huge imbalance in deforestation and reforestation, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased and this is one of the major factors that have contributed to global warming.

Fun Office and Classroom Ideas for a Greener, Better World

The academe is one place where paper is used and wasted in huge volumes every day. This can be due to the fact that the lifeblood of the school depends largely on transactions and records that are kept in the office from enrolment receipts to class records and diplomas, and materials used inside the classroom like books, notebooks, quizzes, exams, and art materials. Everything is made of paper and although this particular resource is recyclable, there are actually very few companies and facilities who do recycle their used papers or at least bring these into recycling plants.

Creating Greener Schools

Green is the hottest thing today. Don't get me wrong. I am not pertaining to green clothes nor accessories.

A Rim of Paper Saves Millions of Trees

Papers are omnipresent. This is a very common fact but something that people do not pay enough attention to. Paper is used in offices and in schools.
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