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Family Law and Divorce

Divorce Recovery: Are Your Fears Holding You Back?Divorce

Divorce turns our lives upside down.

Family Lawyer London and Mark & Co Solicitors London

Mark and Co Solicitors were established in 2002 and are based in North London. Our focus is simple and that is to provide our clients with quality legal services including Probate Law, Property Law and Family Law. We pride ourselves in being known and respected as one of the best Conveyancing Solicitors throughout Enfield and London.

Questions to Ask About Family and De Facto Law in Australia

Australia's family and de facto laws ensure the rights and general welfare of the couple and their children are protected. As long as the Family Court recognizes the legitimacy of the de facto relationship, the partners may claim a share of the other person's properties and investments.

The Obamas decide the general election early voting

The Obamas decide the general election early voting

U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, 15, announced by the network microblogging, they decided to not wait until November 6 polling day early voting in this year's presidential election,to encourage supporters to vote in advance.

Taxation Lawyers- The Best Help In Need

The world is growing and so does the very corner of it as we see. Every business is taking its part in expanding becoming one of the largest around all such situation that are happening around the world.

Some Points While Looking For A Taxation Lawyer

When we talk about starting a business on an international or even a national level; there are certain steps that we need to take.

The Legal Issues Of Divorce

The divorce is the termination of a marriage contract which cancels the legal rights and the responsibilities of the marriage dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the partners.

Child Support Agreement Modifications

Divorces can be a time consuming and complex process. Spouses that have trouble finding a middle ground on emotionally charged issues may come to decision that are not effective in the long-term. One example of this phenomenon is the assignment of child custody payments. Even when a permanent custody assignment is made, the situation of one or both parents or the child may change dramatically and result in the need to make modifications to child custody payments.

Changing a Child's Name

Going through a divorce has many difficulties and challenges along the way. There are many different factors to consider and weigh when you file for divorce. If you have children from your marriage, you may want to change their last name. Changing the name of an adult or child can be a convoluted and difficult process to go through.

Tips for Divorce Preparation

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult and life-altering events in your life. When you are married to someone, you may do many things jointly in order to benefit financially. However, disentangling your finances from your spouse can be quite complicated. This is why it is recommended that you begin early and be as organized and prepared as possible.
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