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The Drawbacks of Debt Settlement

Many commercials state that debt settlement can be the answer to your financial problems. With the assistance of a debt settlement company, you can pay off your thousands of dollars in mounting debts at a fraction of what you actually owe.

Saving Inheritance From Bankruptcy

Inheritance from a recently deceased loved one may seem like a gift you should be able to keep. Unfortunately, bankruptcy courts do not necessarily agree. When you declare bankruptcy, your inheritance may be liquidated and split up amongst your creditors.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Many people do not understand that insolvency is different from bankruptcy. Insolvency means that a person or business is no longer able to pay their bills--it does not imply that legal actions are taking place to relieve existing debts. However, insolvency is often cited as the main reasons that businesses choose to file for bankruptcy.

If I Declare Bankruptcy, Will That Clear All My Debts?

Sometimes drastic measures, such as bankruptcy, must be taken. Two types of bankruptcy exist, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Get legal help to decide which to use. Timing is important.

When to File for Bankruptcy

In times of financial stress it can be difficult to determine what your options are for wading out of the growing dept piling up around you. Whether your business finances or personal finances are becoming burdensome, it is important you are aware of the option of bankruptcy. By better understanding what bankruptcy is and when it can be effective to file for it, you can better protect your mental and emotional health as well as your future financial well-being.

The Perfect Bankruptcy Is the One You Never Have Because There Are Better Alternatives

There is no such thing as a perfect bankruptcy unless you're the kind of person that enjoys being homeless or having the court decide everything for you like how much of your paycheck you can use for the necessities of life. You could bypass the system altogether using a very angry Congress to make banks and unsecured debtors pay you instead!

Use Credit Card Debt to Prevent Bankruptcy, Not to Cause It

When you start thinking about bankruptcy to get rid of credit card debt you're doing it all backwards. Card debt is so easily removed there's no need for bankruptcy and the collectors will even make you rich.

What Happens When You File Bankruptcy?

When you find that you are not able to meet payments because of a hardship, then bankruptcy is the best way to help you get a new start in life. Many people who have lost their jobs, ran out of unemployment, or had a sudden illness are no longer to pay off their bills. You are being constantly hounded by collection agencies and you feel trapped.

Preparing for Bankruptcy Court

When you decide to declare bankruptcy, you will have to face trial in a bankruptcy court. Like other courts, you will have to present your case to a judge in the bankruptcy court. At the end, your request will be granted or denied, and you will be told how to proceed.

Declaring Bankruptcy - Is It Right For You?

Bankruptcy, it is a hard decision to make. Where do you get good advice on bankruptcy, where can you get honest help with bankruptcy questions? Read more.
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