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Property Liens and Bankruptcy

There are many complex terms associated with individual finance and property law. Knowing some of these concepts and how they relate to your bankruptcy case is very useful. One of these concepts is a property lien. A lien is a type of security interest that is granted over a piece of property to secure debt payments or another type of obligation. Liens on property can complicate your finances and make it difficult for you to regain financial control.

Creditor Rights

If you are in the middle of a financial crisis, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed about the future. Thankfully, filing for bankruptcy provides many Americans with a fresh financial start and peace of mind about their financial futures. As with other types of court proceedings, the courts that deal with bankruptcy cases strive to balance the rights of all involved parties. This benefits debtors by stopping harassment from creditors. However, creditors also have certain rights when a debtor files for bankruptcy.

Determining Bankruptcy Eligibility

Many Americans go through devastating financial difficulties every day. When you are up against mounting debts that you are unable to pay off, it is very difficult to get you life back on track and under control. Thankfully, there is hope for you to get the help you need and move towards a more stable financial future. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy help many people regain control of their finances and overcome insurmountable levels of debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Chapter 7 bankruptcies are the most frequently filed by individuals or businesses. Declaration is serious business and a person or business seeking bankruptcy relief should seek the assistance of an attorney.

Non-Dischargeable Debts in Bankruptcy

If you are suffering under the burden of heavy debt, life can be very stressful and worrisome. Your bills may be getting larger and larger and creditors may be calling you at all hours of the day and night, harassing you for payment. Many Americans, including people you may know, are going through similar difficulties. Luckily, there is help for individuals like you who need debt relief and regain control of their finances.

Child Support Obligations During Bankruptcy

Individuals who declare bankruptcy may hold the belief that all of their debts will be wiped away. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. One debt that many bankrupted individuals are left with is child support in arrears.

Depression and Bankruptcy

Millions of Americans are considered to be clinically depressed. Every situation is different, as this condition is triggered by many different factors. Doctors have been able to identify certain things that might make a person more inclined towards depression. They have found that depression can be caused by abuse, medication, relationship conflicts, deaths of loved ones, genetics, illnesses, and drug abuse.

Paying Bills During Bankruptcy

If you are facing difficult financial times, you probably feel overwhelmed and stressed by all of the challenges you are facing. On top of having to pay regular bills, you may be getting phone calls from creditors asking you about past due debts. You may feel that there is nowhere to turn to get help with your finances. Thankfully, there is. Filing for bankruptcy is one way you can get a better handle on your finances and towards a more stable future.

Felonies and Bankruptcy

In our legal system, if you have been convicted of a felony, life can become more challenging because certain rights have been taken away from you. If you are facing financial difficulties, there are still legal options available to help you get out of debt and even if you have felonies on your record, you may still be able to secure the protection of bankruptcy as you get your finances back under your control.

Rebuild Your Home Equity

Home equity is calculated by taking the amount that the home is currently worth and subtracting the amount that is owed in the house. Therefore, if a house is completely paid off, the home equity will be the current value of the house. One of the benefits of a high amount of equity is that you can take out loans against the value. Therefore, college tuition loans will be easy to take out or home equity may be used to obtain a loan to purchase that dream vehicle. If you decide to make home improvements, you can borrow against your house and then possibly increase the value of the home with your remodeling. Most of all, it is always good to have emergency money set aside. Home equity is similar to a savings account in this way.
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