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What Is Taxable Income?

Income tax or taxable income is the amount of money people are entitled to pay to their respective countries from their yearly earnings. That is, if you are an employed citizen of your country, a fixed percentage of your earnings should be paid to the government. Failure to do so is a major crime and punishable under law.

Dealing With Your Income Tax Return

Isn't it true that most of us hate having to deal with our income tax returns and filing? We tend to keep it pending until the last minute and get down to doing it only when there is no other go. But this need not be the case you do not have to get hassled, if you have a system in place and follow the right method.

Have You Heard the Latest Income Tax Myth?

Among the many things there are to know when it comes time to file their taxes, there are also a few things Canadians need to not know. With so many common tax myths out there, it's hard to know what is what. Here is a brief list of tax myths that will hopefully sort out your tax questions.

2009 Changes That Will Influence Your Tax Return

How quickly the April 30 tax deadline comes around. With only a few days left to file, some last minute Canadians will be scrambling to find receipts, documents and a list of the 2009 tax credit changes. In the event you've not yet found such a list, here it is. These are the key tax changes for 2009.

Where's My Refund? This Year's IRS Refund Coming Slowly

It's that time of the year again. Either you spent countless hours at your kitchen table with a pencil, calculator and countless receipts and W2 forms, or you paid someone to do it for you.

Avoid the April 15th Mad Dash With This Tax Prep Schedule

In six short weeks, whether you like it or not, your tax return is due. There's no reason tax time has to be a stressful flurry of last-minute preparations capped off with a sprint to the post office (or accountant). If you take a few little steps each week, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it all comes together on April 15th.

A List of End of Year Write Offs For Your Business

It's the end of the year and a lot of home businesses are looking for write-offs for their taxes. It's a harrowing time when you're trying to figure out your finances enough to know whether you even need to have more expenses and you hope the business didn't lose money to begin with.
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