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Food and Drink

Different Benefits of Wine

Wine has a lot of benefits. Health benefits are known, but not a lot of people know how else a bottle of wine is useful besides promoting good health.

Teaching Your Kids the Art of Cooking

If there's one very important lesson you can impart to your children, that is cooking. They'll surely love it, plus it's something they can always use even when they grow up.

First Concerns in Running Your Very Own Catering Service

Run a catering service with a good business sense on what works and what doesn't. Acquire the skill, make the right investments, establish your client base, and ensure your venture is off with the right start.

How to Come Up with an Amazing Catering Menu

Coming up with the ideal catering menu can be challenging, what with varied customer tastes, palates and conditions to please. As a beginning caterer, you will also need to learn how to use your menu to stand out from the competition and make your food memorable to your customers. Read on how you can do just that and make your catering business an unqualified success.

Thresh out the Terms of Your Catering Service

Minding the details of your wedding is no modest undertaking. Finding a caterer is a challenge, and you'll have to sort out terms to ensure you're having the best service available.

Choose Catering Service with Value for Money

Hiring wedding caterers is a walk in the park if you scout early. Settle on your catering service after you've decided on the venue, ensure your wedding has one less loose end covered for.

Finding A Versatile Event Caterer Has Its Many Benefits

If you are tasked to plan a corporate or private event, there are many factors you must consider in order to make this happen. A successful event will always be remembered not for its venue or awards, if ever. The execution of the planned event and the food are always among the top considerations. If you are given ample budget for a special occasion, you better put into good use by hiring a highly competent caterer.

Options, Substitutions for Off-Site Catering Service

Running an off-site catering business? Invest in ingredients, dishes that extend serving times and maximize your returns.

On Hiring the Services of a Catering Company

Hiring the services of a catering team can greatly ease the stress many typically experience when planning an event. Make sure to put your money where it's worth so you can get quality food presentation and service in the process.

Picking Up on the Finger Food Trends

There is nothing most people find more daunting than being able to eat food daintily and neatly without getting sauce stains on their Sunday best. These days, that problem is easily solved with the advent of finger foods that are easy to hold in one hand while you mix and mingle with other party guests. Read on to find out more about why these are the best types of food served at your parties and why mini-versions of your favorite party food staples are creating a huge impact on the foodie scene.
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