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Genealogy Family Trees

Sheffield is seen as a fully-fledged member of the ‘Cycle Chic Republic'

Sheffield has left its mark in the international fashion stakes - on two wheels.

It 'acclaimed to be next to Barcelona, ​​Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and Copenhagen for his bike "chic" - and it is not tight clothes worn by the likes of Bradley Wiggins, but for all clothing day.cycling Short Sleeve Jerseys  

The only other two English cities at the head of the pack are London and Brighton.

Who's In Your Family Tree?

Have you ever wanted to track your family tree to see where and who you came from? A lot of people are doing this these days thanks to a popular T.V. show that brought many celebrities looking into their own family trees. I think it's fascinating to know what your ancestors did during their time on this earth.

Creating Your Family History

Does creating a family history leave you feeling like you don't know where to start? Genealogy research shouldn't be scary. It can be interesting and fun if you break it up into doable tasks.

The Best Free Genealogy Research Resource

One of the best genealogy resources has the largest library of its kind in the world. In addition to the physical library, they have a wonderful online resource. The best part, it is free to use! Give it a try and find your family roots.

A Great Site For Family History Research is a one stop site for all your genealogy research needs. Their information is up to date and they use the latest technological advances to help your search go as smoothly as possible. Who knows, you may find a relative you never knew you had!

How Facebook Keeps Extended Family Connected

Social networking sites such as Facebook have created a whole new work of family togetherness. It is possible to keep in close contact with faraway family with very little effort using social sites. Facebook is the new venue for family reunions!

How Some of Our Female Ancestors Lost Their US Natural Born Citizenship Through Marriage to Aliens

A person born in the United States is generally considered to be a natural born citizen whose citizenship can only be lost by intentionally relinquishing it. There have been periods of time in our history where there were some deviations from this norm, even to the point of a natural born citizen losing citizenship status based on marriage to a non citizen alien. From 1907 until 1936, this was true for many American women.

Finding Help When Researching Your Genealogy

It is important to understand who we are and where we came from, that is why there is such an interest in genealogy these days. But where do you go to begin to research your family tree? You have several options and any one of them could unlock the past for you.

Genealogical Tourism - A New Baby Boomer Phenomenon

The "baby boomer" generation is in some ways redefining travel. Increasingly, members of this population are finding international travel and specialty niche traveling to be both enjoyable and educational. One of these growing areas of tourism is genealogical tourism, which includes both domestic and international tours.
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