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3 Simple Composting Tips

Do you want to compost but you just aren't sure how to start? You can do it! Composting is a simple and rewarding activity that benefits both your garden and the environment.

A Guide to Plastic Storage Bins

Over the years, plastic has been blamed for being responsible for the excess non-biodegradable garbage in the world. It is ironic that plastic is also the solution for messes in homes and offices. Plastic storage bins are a good way to store clutter and other items around the home that are not used on a regular basis.

American Wood Furniture Is Linked To Global Forest Conservation

Have you ever thought about where your wood furniture comes from? The organic food movement has made us ask questions about the origin of our food. Now the fundamental concerns voiced in that movement are being extrapolated to the furniture and flooring industries. You'll be surprised to learn where your "American Made" furniture and flooring comes from.

Outdoor Patio Furniture That Helps Clean Up the Oceans?

It's the lazy environmental activist's dream: outdoor lounge furniture that works to clean up the oceans while you relax sipping your pina colada on the beach. Too good to be true? Learn how American ingenuity has turned plastic trash into durable patio furniture.

The Magniwork Generator - A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Clean, Green Power Generation

The Magniwork product is a revolution in the manufacture of free, clean electrical power. There are more than 40,000 working systems throughout the world and that multitude is maintaining growth on a daily basis. How come therefore, has no one in fact been aware of this amazing gadget?

High Efficiency Air Conditioners - A Case For Heat Pumps And Mini Split Systems

In the recent years, with the advent of Mc Mansions in the USA, bigger homes for the most part came with central air conditioning units and furnaces built in. In the rush to get as many houses built as possible in the shortest amount of time, little thought was given to the alternative options, such as heat pumps or mini split systems. We will talk about both of these energy efficient air conditioners here. By reading this, you should be able to decide whether replacing or supplementing your current AC units with high efficiency air conditioners will make sense for your finances in the times of increasing energy costs...

Learn How to Create Alternative Energy at Home

Going green is on everybody's mind these days, and more people are looking for ways to create alternative energy sources. Solar panels of all sizes are hot items in stores, as are wind turbine kits. The problem is, alternative energy kits can be costly to buy, especially when you want to generate enough energy to supply an entire home.

Build a Generator and Harness Natural Energy

With home-generated 'green' energy being the latest craze, retailers have jumped on the bandwagon by selling expensive kits that homeowners can take home and easily install to generate electricity for their homes. That's great for people who have thousands of extra dollars to throw around, but sometimes the average homeowner feels left behind. It seems as if all of these wonderful devices that generate electricity to save homeowners are only available to the wealthy - the very people who can afford to pay their electric bills to begin with!

Build a Water Turbine Generator

These days you can find instructions on the internet to build almost anything, but did you know that you can build a water turbine to generate electricity for your home? When it comes to generating electricity, the first things most people think of is solar power and wind power, but don't forget that hydroelectric power is one of our main sources of electricity.

Build a Wind Turbine and Generate Your Own Electricity

Renewable natural resources are the key to generating your own electricity, and harnessing the elements is easy once you know how to build a wind turbine to generate electricity for your home. It's easier than you think, and the materials are common and inexpensive. All you need are the instructions on how to do it.
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