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Allantoin An all-in-one acne healer

A botanical extract found in the Comfrey Root ((Ureidohydantoin Comfrey), allantoin is a skin softener and an anti-irritant, which inhibits allergic type responses. It is healing, moisturizing, and soothing. It is also a valuable cell-proliferating agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation...

How to get rid of acne before the big day?

Are you the bride-to-be who is suffering from acne? Fairy tale brides may be lucky enough to blush and glow effortlessly on their wedding day, but in reality, not every girl is able to achieve those "dreamy looks, glowing complexion and spotless, illuminating creamy skin" on the "biggest day of her life".

Chamomile - A clear-cut choice in acne

The use of chamomile as a medicinal plant dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. The name "chamomile" comes from two Greek words meaning "ground apple" for its apple-like smell. The ancient Egyptians considered the herb a sacred gift from the sun god, and used it to alleviate fever and sun stroke...

What are pimples?

In acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads take away the smooth luster of our complexion. But do you ever wonder what they really are? How they are different from each other or are they all the same?

Types of Acne - Vulgaris, Rosacea & Conglobata

While the word "acne" is often used in general, not many of us are aware of the fact that acne is actually a disease of various different types. Three major types of acne are as under:

Understanding different stages of acne

Based on the degree or the severity of the signs and symptoms produced in acne, the disorder can be categorized into three prominent or main stages or grades as follows:

What makes acne worse? Top 5 risk factors

Acne may affect some of us more emotionally and deeply than what is apparent on the skin surface. Our faces define us as individuals and are the presenting feature with which we interact with those around us. By affecting the face, acne can directly affect self-image by making us look and feel unattractive — which leads to embarrassment, lack of self-confidence and lowered self esteem.

5 things that you must know about acne

Whether you have acne or not, these are some important facts that you need to know and understand to help control your acne.

Top 5 myths on what causes acne

When it comes to explaining acne to adolescents and some adults, it is necessary to separate fact from fiction, because having acne can tax a person's nerves and send him off to an emotional roller-coaster. The teenage years are a great time to meet new friends and start dating and be accepted by one's peers; being misinformed about acne is due to certain myths.

Suffering with adult acne?

Adults suffer with acne too, so if this is you don't worry you are not alone!
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