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Aerobics Cardio

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Kickbox Your Way To Cardio Health

You've heard of kickboxing right? Have you considered it as a form of cardio exercising? You've probably seen those Bruce Lee movies or one's like it where there are these kickboxing fight scenes that take place and the good guy almost always wins because he is the strongest and fastest of the bunch.

Is HIT the Best Cardio for Beginners Looking to Lose Weight and Burn Fat?

Let's be clear instantly, I feel High Intensity Interval Training or HIT is actually an awesome strategy for losing weight and to burn fat, as a choice to steady, lower intensity cardio workouts. The concern for me is whether or not it is the genuinely the best way, or even an acceptable way for beginners to go.

Two Cardio Rules To Live By

Usually when I get to the health club or outside to jump on my bike I'm mentally ready to go and can't wait to start, and that's compounded that with being perpetually short on time. However there is something you really should do first, and that's warm up. Warming up makes it less likely you'll injure yourself, and although many people know that, they often warm up wrong.

True Cardio Workouts to Lose 10 Lbs

I'm going to give you some workouts to lose 10 pounds, but you will lose a lot more than 10 pounds if you keep doing these exercises. You will actually be burning up to 20 calories a minute and losing up to a percentage of body fat a week.

Hard Training Cardio Workouts

Are you looking for a really intense hard training cardio workout? Are you tired and just downright bored of endless and mindless hours on the treadmill? Well, you're in luck because I'm going to give you some tips about cardio workouts so that you can build the type of rock hard training that is perfect for you.

Five Ways to Make Aerobic Exercise Fun

Aerobic exercise is a great way to lose weight, improve your mental state, and is excellent for your heart as well. But it can get very boring. Sitting on an exercise machine or walking or running on a tread mill gets boring very fast for many of us. Here are a few ways to make aerobic exercise fun, less boring, and easier.

5 Ways to Get an Aerobic Workout in Your Women's Leotards

Do you want to get fit for summer while looking glamorous and groovy in women's leotards? Here are five ways to get a fun, fabulous and fashionable aerobic workout.

How to Boost Your Fitness Levels With Cardio Exercises

You will probably find that after doing a cardio exercise program consistently for any length of time that you will eventually reach a plateau. Therefore, in order to maintain motivation and momentum you need to inject a little variety into your routine. A good way of doing this would be to set yourself a goal for example, taking a part in a 10K run or even a marathon.

The Easiest Way to Work on Your Cardio

Cardio sucks. This article will help make it better.
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