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Childhood Obesity Prevention

How the Advancement of Technology Is Related to Increases in Child Obesity Rates

We live in a high tech world. Everything from cell phones to video game systems fill our lives. How does that affect our bodies, and does it have an affect on our kids?

Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

The number of overweight children has caused an epidemic. This is an emergency situation that needs to be dealt with now.

The Role of the Media in Childhood Obesity

I see a lot of segments on TV bashing restaurants and school lunches. I see a lot of ads on TV promoting fried chicken and fully loaded pizza. What I don't see is why these two diametrically opposed promotions are on the same channel. What is the media's role? It should be bigger, in at least one way, than it is.

Why Exercise Helps Prevent Childhood Obesity

Way back then versus now... our changing technology is failing our children. Maybe it's time to look back at the "good old days" and save our kids from a life of fighting their weight.

Why It's Important to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Why is there so much fuss about our children being overweight? I can give you six reasons. These range from the health of your child and family to national security.

3 Ways to Combat Against Childhood Obesity

We all know it's important, but what steps do we need to take to prevent childhood obesity? Here are three suggestions to get you started.

Fast Food Chains and Obesity

How often do we see attack segments on fast food restaurants? Are they really the culprits? How are we going to protect our children from childhood obesity?

Avoiding Child Obesity and Staying Healthy

Trying to get your kids to eat healthy is often a difficult task. Picky eaters who refuse to eat fruit or vegetables will make it ten times as hard. With staggering child obesity rates and a country now obsessed with losing weight, it's hard for a parent not to think about how healthy their children are.

The Health Of Our Children Has Never Been Worse At Any Time In History - What Are We Doing About It?

Just 30 years ago diabetes was an old person's problem but no longer. Young people who are not even yet into their teens are being diagnosed in frightening numbers. In just 10 years the incidence of children needing medication for diabetes has increased a whopping 150 percent.

Childhood Obesity Is Caused By What Children Eat Not What They Watch

Children are primarily fed by their parents. If children are obese it will be a function of what they eat rather than what they watch on television.
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