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Contraceptives Birth Control

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

There's a risk of unexpected negative reactions with any new medication, and the same held true in the 1960s for side effects of birth control pills. The occasional feeling of nausea or instance of blurred vision or weight gain were par for the course, but it was the few instances of strokes and blood clots that began to ring some alarm bells. This great new innovation to help women prevent pregnancy was not much use if it started harming the women it was supposed to help.

Potential After Effects For Some Methods of Birth Control

Birth control information is extensive and, for the most part, gives women enough to go on as they try to decide which method to start using. The main concerns are how well they work and the potential side effects. Women and their doctors are now even able to judge any risk factors that might incline them to one method rather than another.

Innovations in Contraception Methods

Contraception methods have come a long, long way. Some form of condom had existed for a long time, and when the diaphragm was developed, it provided women at least some means of controlling whether or not they got pregnant.

Appropriate Contraceptive Method Decision

With the expansion of birth control options in recent years, the range of choices for women has broadened. But at the same time, this means that potential concerns have also multiplied, when some of these methods run up against the woman's beliefs or comfort zones. So while it's good that she now has more choices than just the diaphragm and the pill, it also means she has to take more things into account as she chooses a contraceptive method.

Failure Rates of Different Types of Birth Control

You may feel like you can take any of the different types of birth control so you have no particular preference as you decide on which one to use. If that's the case, then the factor that might tip the scale toward a particular choice could be the failure rate of the product. No method of pregnancy prevention is perfect, and there are instances of failure, even if many are quite low.
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