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Critical Care

Symptoms of Poisoning From Lead

There are many different types of toxic substances that find their way onto consumer products and onto the shelves of major retail stores. When children and adults are exposed to these toxins, they can be severely harmed. Lead is one type of substance that is dangerous to children who have weaker immune systems and can result in long-term and even permanent damage to these innocent consumers.

The Causes of Quadriplegia

When an individual suffers a spinal cord injury, he or she may suffer a number of related effects. The individual may lose sensory feeling in a body part, or the individual may suffer nerve damage. Unfortunately, the injury may be even more severe.

Getting Great Healthcare!

If your loved one has a heart attack, there are few things that are scarier in the world. You feel so helpless and alone, waiting for help to come while you watch them in pain. It is an extremely stressful situation to be involved in.

Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Strategies

There are several different alternative treatment strategies for individuals that have epilepsy. Doctors commonly prescribe medications in order to cope with the symptoms associated with epilepsy, such as the seizures that naturally occur on a regular basis.

Learn More About Being an EMT

An emergency medical technician (EMT) are those individuals who wear medical uniforms and respond to emergency calls. They are responsible for providing whatever medical treatment that an individual might need before they actually make it to the hospital.

Facts About a Brain Injury

Brain injury is a term used to describe the injury of the brain or the skull. It can mean a fracture, blood clot, concussion or any kind of hard hit on the head. Any type of brain injury can cause irreversible damages to the head region.

Failure to Diagnose a Stroke

When a person suffers from a stroke, the prompt diagnosis of the ailment is vital. The quicker that a stroke is discovered, the greater the chances are for the victim to survive and avoid serious damage to the body and the brain.

Handling Seizures in Class - Guide For First Time Teachers

At some point in your teaching career you might have a student with a seizure in your class. Seizures can occur for any multitude of reasons and come without any forewarning.

Organ Transplantation! What Are the Difficulties?

Surgery to replace some damaged body organs with healthy ones is now a routine, and several thousand of such operations are performed every year around the world. Healthy replacements come either from people who have consented (or whose surviving relatives consent) to the medical use of parts of their body after death, or from living donors who are usually related to the person needing the transplant.

How to Deal With Kidney Failure

If you know someone that is suffering from kidney failure, you may know some of the scientific explanations of how, why, and what Acute Renal Failure does to the human body. This article focuses on what happens when someone is going through kidney failure.
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