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Developmental Disabilities

Tips On Traveling With A Wheelchair

One of the biggest problems of individuals with disabilities is going to distant places with their wheelchairs. Though the chairs have wheels to aid them to move from place to place, some mobility chairs are not designed to get inside the bus, train or airplane.

Advantage of Custom Wheelchairs

Over the past decades we have seen some significant progress in the part of medical technology, especially in developments of medical equipments and supplies used for physical therapy and everyday lives of our physically challenged patients. Thanks to the technological advancements and innovative minds of medical supplies developers of today, people with disabilities can now enjoy life better with these medical improvements.

Effective Optical Care

Effective use of eye drop introduction can help the individual to improve their general health outlook. The eyes are a very delicate of the body that can lose its health within a matter of weeks. We live in an environment where dust particles are a fact of life...

Types of Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a congenital defect that leads to both physical and mental problems. This genetic disorder is a common disability, affecting 1 in every 700-800 babies per year. It occurs more frequently to babies born to older mothers. In fact, by age 45, a woman carries a 1 in 45 chance of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome.

Symptoms, Causes and the Cost of Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

It is because of this erratic and uncontrollable movement that Athetoid can also be referred to as dyskenetic cerebral palsy. People with Athedoid CP can have difficulty doing everyday tasks like using scissors and writing to not having the ability to walk.

Taking a Look at the Types of Cerebral Palsy

Most children with cerebral palsy seem to have a normal development and birth, but wind up being diagnosed later on. Premature birth is one of the risk factors of cerebral palsy, which includes babies who are born less than 37 weeks into the pregnancy (as opposed to 40). Babies who weigh less than 5.5 pounds are also at a higher risk of developing CP.

Have You Heard of United Cerebral Palsy?

More than 764,000 Americans have some form of cerebral palsy, whether it's spastic cerebral palsy with quadriplegia or a disturbed sense of balance with ataxic one. One cerebral palsy child may be intellectually impaired, while another has full mental faculties but suffers musculoskeletal impairment.
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