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Is Bubbly Urine a Sign of Diabetes?

The way the urine looks or smells can give a person an indication whether all is alright with his or her health. Healthy and normal urine is either clear in color or pale yellow, and it does not have an odor. However, what about when the urine is bubbly and foaming? Does that mean there is something wrong with the person and he or she could be suffering from diabetes?

To Be Truly Healthy You Must Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Healthy Meal Plans to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

If you are among the millions of people who have type 2 diabetes, dietary changes can prevent such complications as heart disease, kidney failure, amputation and blindness. Don't let diabetes rule your life. Learn how to create healthy meal plans so you can effectively manage this condition.

Online Medical Diabetic Supplies Are Cost Effective

This world has become smaller with the coming of the Internet. It took time for things to get into place and for people to adapt, but when it happened - everything can be within your reach in just a few clicks. Almost everything one could think of is now available online.

Life Expectancy Of A Diabetic

Diabetes can be broadly classified into two types - Type 1 diabetes, also called juvenile diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes that primary affects older adults. Gestational diabetes occurs in women during pregnancy or lactation stages and can be cured with appropriate treatment. All types of diabetes result in excess glucose levels in the blood and this can lead to severe health complications that may even be fatal if left untreated.

Diabetes Starts With Weak Flabby Muscles

Not very many people understand the importance of stable blood sugar levels. They are the very foundation of good health. Constantly high or wildly fluctuating levels can inflict enormous hidden damage to organs...

We Are All At Risk Of The Modern Day Villain - Diabetes

Hard to believe but the average person consumes 2-3 pounds of sugar each week. But it is really not surprising when you consider that highly refined sugar in many forms is being added to most processed foods. Everything from bread to peanut butter and ketch-up along with the usual sweet baked goods get a good dose of sugar.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Important To Prevent And Treat Diabetes

We as a species are clearly heading down the wrong path with regards to the protection of our health and wellness. The almost total lack of muscular exertion in our sedentary modern world combined with the wrong types of foods and way too much of them are making an ever increasing number of us overweight, sick and immobile...

Weight Loss Requires Blood Sugar Levels To Be Stable

We used to think that only diabetics had to be concerned about their blood sugar levels but this is not so anymore. We tend not to give our blood sugar (glucose) levels a second thought but we need to if we are to reduce our risk of nasty chronic diseases...

You Can Easily Do Your Own Diabetes Risk Assessment

When we eat food we rarely give a thought to what happens to it once it leaves our mouth and goes into our tummy. We especially do not give our blood sugar (glucose) levels a second thought after all only diabetics need to worry about their blood sugar right?
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