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Home Remedies on How to Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids also referred as piles are a medical condition that will always require immediate attention. This is because if it is left unattended for some times, it can become chronic and also a major source of discomfort to the individual suffering from it. This condition is usually characterized by inflamed and swollen veins around the lower rectum or anus.

Learning how to cure internal hemorrhoids with simple and effective home remedies

Ignoring internal hemorrhoids also known as piles can lead to complications like blood clots. These types of hemorrhoids can be described as more challenging because of their location in comparison with external hemorrhoids and the formation of balloon-shaped bulges at your internal back passage will lead to extreme discomfort in the anal area. You will also be able to see bright red blood on the stool or on the toilet paper.

A Guide to Blood Clot Symptoms

Let me ask you a quick question, are you concerned about blood clot symptoms? They can be very dangerous and if you're older, you have an increased risk for them because of other conditions you may have.

Gene Therapy May Help Reverse Parkinson's Symptoms

There is good news at the horizon for people suffering from Parkinson's disease. A recent study has shown that using the latest technology in gene therapy can help improve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, like rigidity, tremors and other problems with motor skills.

What Is Pneumonia and How Do You Get It?

With every breath that a person takes, there are changes of pathogens entering the body and causing some disease or the other. Although the body has its own defense mechanism in place to fight pathogens, there are times when it is unable to do it. As a result the pathogens increase in numbers resulting in a disease. If these bacteria or viruses enter the lungs, then a person can get a disease related to the respiratory system.

What Is 'Coal Miner Lung?'

There are a lot of names for this condition common to coal miners who don't have proper respiratory gear. Coal miner's lung is one of them.

Crohn's Disease and Colitis: The Benefits of Organic Foods

Crohn's Disease and Colitis sufferers can benefit from eating a regular raw food diet. By choosing organic foods, people with these conditions can maximize the benefits of a raw food menu. Organic foods are an outstanding choice.

Treating Lupus Naturally

Conventional form of medication offers diverse medicines that are believed to aid in the cure of lupus. Some of these medications include the administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, anti-malarial medications, and immunosuppressant drugs.

The Lowdown on Bird Disease

There are a variety of diseases that commonly afflict wild bird species. People that maintain bird-feeding stations in their yards are often the most likely observers to see a bird that appears to be ill.

What to Do When Your Child Has a Cold

Children catch a lot of colds, particularly once they are in daycare or school. While they are usually not a serious problem, there are things you can do to help as well as things you should avoid doing.
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