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Eating Disorders

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Do You Have A Food Addiction?

Are you addicted to food? While its quite normal to talk about alcohol addiction or addiction to medication its probably not that common to talk about someone being addicted to food. The reality however is that so many people are addicted to eating and its the cause of a variety of health issues.

Overeating - 3 Simple Tips To Help Stop

Are you overeating? For far too many people food are controlling their lives and like so many other addictions it can creep into your life without you being aware of it. As one of the leading causes of weight problems it is most certainly something that you need to take very seriously. Its so easy for us to lose sight of the simple fact that food is there to nourish you and to keep you alive.

Eating Disorder Treatment Might Be Required For Some Cases of Eating Disorders

If not treated properly some eating disorders can be deadly. This is because illnesses like bulimia place the organs under a lot of pressure driving them beyond their capacity.

Top 10 Fitness Exercises Helping To Cope With Binge Eating

Binge eating is a serious problem for many people. In this disorder eating large amounts of food in a single sitting occurs. This can be any type of food, and the eating helps to fill an emotional or psychological need. The pressure and stress of the modern world cause many to suffer from emotional issues. Binge eating can lead to obesity, but that does not mean people of normal weight are not affected as well. There are some fitness exercises which can help you cope with binge eating, and eliminate the emotions which cause this eating to occur.

Overcoming Binge Eating - Tips to Put An End to Compulsive Overeating

Overcoming binge eating may be a little difficult to achieve as this eating disorder, like any other eating disorders, can be deep-rooted in the mind and may be difficult to get rid of. Most often, binge eaters are eating too much when they are depressed or sad, or they want comfort. Instead of dealing with their emotions healthily, they tend to divert their focus on food until it becomes a habit to overeat.

How Can You Help Friends, Relatives, and Co Workers With Eating Disorders?

Unfortunately many people have serious food disorders. These include Anorexia Nervosa, who's suffers literally starve themselves in an endless pursuit of being thin, often to the point of death, Bulimia Nervosa, characterized by pigging out and then vomiting purposefully as well as other unhealthy practices, and Compulsive Overeating, which I occasionally have a problem with. Chances are you know people who suffer from these disorders, whether you know it or not.

Binge Eating Disorder Help - Ways to Help You Treat Eating Disorder

Binge eating is one of the problems these days when it comes to eating disorders and if you are one of those who are faced with the problem of binge eating and compulsive overeating, you might be interested in finding ways to stop this disorder. For binge eating disorder help, you can actually find a number of remedies and some solutions to help you overcome this disorder. In fact, it is important to recognize that this is indeed a problem and needs treatment and solution.

End Binge Eating - Ways to End Compulsive Overeating

Weight problems are among the many major concerns these days as there are also a lot of people who also have problems with obesity and excess weight. Aside from the many offers and said-to-be solutions for weight loss, there is also the concern on eating disorders that are also making more people gain weight uncontrollably.
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