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Emotional Freedom Technique

Using Surrogate EFT For Healing

I have used EFT -The Emotional Freedom Technique for several years with clients but have not stepped in to surrogate EFT until recently. If you do not know what EFT is or how to use it please go to Gary Craig's site to learn about it. The scope of this article does not include explaining what it is and how to do it. I am making the assumption that the readers of this article already have experience with EFT and even know a little about surrogate EFT.

Emotional Freedom Techniques For Your Sanity

Having a sound mind and body is essential to remain healthy from the inside and out. If you follow the techniques outlined in this article, you just might feel a huge relief from your emotional, psychological and physical problems.

EFT and the Law of Attraction - 3 Tips on How to Use EFT to Attract All the Money You Want to Have

This articles reveals the three tips, which will allow you to make the Law of Attraction and the Emotional Freedom Technique work together. Any one of these two techniques works well, but together they can do wonders. So here are the tips on how to make them work.

What Are the 9 Body Points That Can Unlock Your Financial Freedom and Make You Money Beyond Belief?

This articles discusses the 9 body points, which, when tapped in the right manner, can remove your limiting beliefs and make you all the money you want. This article reveals the basics of the Emotional Freedom Technique, and how you can take it further than its usual uses, which are emotional and health benefits, and use it for financial benefit. In the end, if you master these 9 body points and the way to tap them, you can virtually write yourself a blank check, which the Universe will then cash for you promptly.

How to Use "Money Beyond Belief" and the Emotional Freedom Technique to Make All the Money You Want

This article discusses the program called "Money Beyond Belief" by Brad Yates and Dr. Joe Vitale, and how it can make you all the money you want. While everyone is indeed capable of making unlimited amounts of money, we do have limiting beliefs, which prevent us from fulfilling our potential.

How to Attract Money Beyond Belief Using the Emotional Freedom Technique - My Top 3 Free Methods

This article presents the top three free methods that you can use to make the Emotional Freedom Technique work for you to attract a lot of money. In fact, using these methods will allow you to attract money belief, at least beyond your current beliefs. The key, as you might guess, will be to develop new beliefs that would allow you to attract all the money you want. Now, this is not simply about the Law of Attraction, but provides you with the basis, which you would need in order for the Law of Attraction to be able to work for you.

Tolerance is the Name of the Game, Patience Fans the Flame of Genuine Power

In life and existence, patience and understanding are one thing, but discipline, strength and self control should go with it to make it all complete. Oh, thought is a given when practicing these things, as well as keeping the emotions in check. Yet using them productively to fuel patience, understanding, discipline, strength and self control.

How to Control Your Emotional State

Now, let me ask you a question, "Have you ever experienced this state of procrastination before?" Stupid question! Of course you have! You know, procrastination is the number 1 killer of all successes, the number one thing that prevents people from getting results.
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