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Keep Yourself Motivated to Exercise

Getting the most out of your workouts requires you to keep yourself motivated throughout your fitness journey. Know about how to do just that: be healthy and maximize your workouts to help you reach your fitness goals in no time.

How to Rule in the Gym and Get the Most of Your Workout

Hitting the gym has many seriously cool benefits: It increases muscle mass, boosts metabolism, and help eliminate stubborn fat. Read along to find out how you can get the most out of every session.

Break through a Workout Plateau with Variety

Breaking a plateau requires more than effort and sheer willpower. Variety in routines, fasting, and a different meal plan should restart your metabolism and jumpstart your progress.

As Each Year Passes The Need For Proper Strengthening Exercise Increases

As we grow older it is common to find our strength and physical functional ability waning. The tasks and activities that were once easy start to become harder and take longer to do. Usually we say to ourselves "Oh well, I am getting older so it is to be expected". But the reality is what we should be saying to ourselves is "Oh well, I sure have been neglecting my body's strength so I guess I am just paying the price".

The Real Problem With Exercising Too Much

No pain, no gain? Is there such a thing as too much exercise? While doctors and other health care professionals are urging most of us to get up and get moving, there is too much of a good thing, including exercise.

Proper Exercise Takes Time and Energy But It Is Worth It

Proper exercise is the key to good health and a long life. However, so many people are either not exercising at all or are simply doing the wrong types of work outs. This isn't really a surprise considering that most people constantly hear one thing - cardio if you want to lose weight.

Fun Activities Are For Your Spare Time, Not for Exercise

Everyone, at some point in their life, has heard something along the lines of "exercise is supposed to be fun, do something you enjoy and you will be fit and healthy". This is a serious falsity. Every day chores like mowing the yard, gardening, vacuuming, and other simple tasks are not exercise.

The Functional Kettlebell Workout for Better Fitness

Powered by the Dragon Door company and the Russian commando trainer Pavel Tsatsouline, the kettlebell workout has entered the mainstream of the strength and conditioning world; and with good reason. This workout will build muscle, strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as any piece of exercise equipment on the market, and all in a single thick-handled iron package. This free weight hailing from Russia has been equated to a cannonball with a handle.

Vertical Jump Exercises to Help You Jump Higher

Being able to jump as high as possible is one advantage in certain sports especially in basketball and volleyball. In sports where a lot of new younger generations are becoming stronger and better, it is also important that you also find ways to improve your skills as well.

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump - 5 Things You Can Do

In these times where competition is becoming tougher and tougher, many people, especially athletes and sports enthusiasts want to find ways to improve their skills. In fact, many are motivated to break world records and be at the top of their game.
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