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Healing Arts

Palliative Care in Cotton Scrubs

Palliative care means preventing and relieving suffering, and improving the quality of life of people who are facing serious illnesses. Here are some tips for RN's in cotton scrubs on how to improve their palliative care program.

How to Avoid and Keep Free From Disease and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Particular

When anyone hears the news that they have succumbed to HIV or AIDS then it is devastating. It has just been announced that in United Kingdom more and more over fifty year olds are contracting AIDS and that the main reason is promiscuity. In other words the tragedy for many is consequence of adultery or disobedience or sin.

How to Enter Into and Enjoy One of the Richest Blessings Missed by So Many People

This will grab the attention of many people. But then, many people when they find out what it is all about release the hold and what should be grabbed and maintained flies off and all its benefits too. In times of busyness and stress, this is so needed and so highly relevant. Rest and pleasure go together. He has delights for those who are His, and many never discover that.

The Crucial and Central Place of Forgiveness When it Comes to Being Healed of Some Serious Issue

When I learned and came to understand something of the Passover it was an increasingly enriching experience in my spiritual life, and I continue to plumb its theological depths. It was at the start of the Passover when Jesus Christ was crucified.

It is Not What We Eat That Harms Us, All the Time, But What May Be Eating Us - What a Vital Truth

Revenge, trying to get your own back, harbouring grudges, and holding onto grievances can wreak havoc in a person's life. Jealousy and hatred and envy are powerful emotions which can eat away at our innards, without our realising what is happening. Bad health can be the result of bad emotions.

How to Learn Reiki - Some Tips and Ideas to Keep in Mind

Reiki is an oriental practice of healing that uses the hands to transfer the healing energy to another person. This practice developed by a Japanese in the 1920S has since become a complementary healing procedure for some people to relieve them from the physical pain as well as a practice for emotional healing as well.

A Colorful Cure

Did you know that using colors can aid in curing disease? It's true and it's being studied today for an alternative to more invasive medical treatment. This article is an introduction to what colors can do for you.

Do Healing Stones Really Work?

Stones that heal is not a new concept. The art of healing by the use of stones or crystals has been around for ages. Does that mean it really works. Not necessarily, although there is some evidence to suggest it can have a healing effect if used correctly.

Pranic Healing For a Healthier You

This article is a very brief introduction to pranic healing, the art of healing using the life-energy in our body, without the use of medication and without touching or disturbing the patient. It discusses what it is, the principles underlying its practice, the basic method it uses and the diseases curable by this art of healing.

Consistency - The Key to Health

It's all about consistency. Whatever you do consistently will make a big difference in your life and your health and whatever you do inconsistently or sporadically will either make a small difference or no difference at all in your life.
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