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Mood Disorders

What Is Agoraphobia? What Are Its Symptoms?

For a lot of people who suffer from various anxiety disorders, one stands out as being particularly debilitating. What is Agoraphobia? What are its symptoms?

Why Do I Suffer From Social Anxiety?

We all need to interact with other people. Granted, there are the complete loners among us who genuinely want nothing at all to do with others, but they're the definite exceptions. So most of us need to have friends, intermingle with people, enjoy and take part in gatherings, and yet at the same time, so many of us are scared stiff by the thought of mixing with others.

Stress, The Modern Disease

Stress seems to be the modern 'disease.' The faster our lives run, the faster runs stress, eager to catch up and envelope us with all its attendant horrors. Before we go any further, let's explain the difference between fear and anxiety.

Overcome Fear and Anxiety With These 4 Tips

Let loose to go about its own devices, imagination can play havoc with your life. On the other hand, if you rein it in, you can use it most beneficially and in ways that really do you good. Fear is one thing. It's natural. You're fearful of giving a presentation, a speech, starting a new job. Of course you are. And fear likes to couple itself to your imagination. Allow it to by all means, but only in a positive fashion. So I suggest you overcome fear and anxiety with these 4 tips.

Tricks The Imagination Can Play

Sir Felix Hungerford had just enjoyed a night at the opera. He was alone, as was usual. He didn't make friends easily and being a wealthy man, was most careful in his choice of those he had. It was a surprisingly warm night in London for November, and he decided the walk home would do him good, rather than hail a cab, although plenty trotted by him, completely empty.

Do You Suffer From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? 5 Tips That Should Help

One of the main problems of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, apart from it being darned annoying, is that it's such a waste of time and can be so exhausting. I remember this poor little lady I talked to who was in the same hospital I was in during my last bout with alcoholism. She had this cleaning compulsion.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - An Overview

Do you have to have your toothbrush and toothpaste leaning to the left in the glass at a forty five degree angle? I did. If you accidentally kick a chair leg with your right foot, do you gently kick it twice with your left foot?

5 Ways Of Dealing With Panic Attacks

As ever, Joyce was warmly greeted by Sally. They drank their coffee and Joyce told Sally about her new job, which she was enjoying very much. "Right," said Sally. "Let's teach you how to deal with these attacks. There are 5 ways of dealing with panic attacks.

Her First Experience Of A Panic Attack

By the greatest good fortune, she came up on a vacant parking lot on her right and pulled in. She managed to hold on as she drove over to one corner, stopped and popped the car into 'Park.' Then she slumped over the wheel, exhausted, crying uncontrollably.

How to Cure Panic Attacks Without Medication - Top 10 Tips to Cure Panic Attacks Naturally

Panic attacks can be terrifying experiences that you just don't want to repeat. However, that very fear of having another attack, can actually trigger one! So how do you deal with that?
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