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Pain Management

A TENS Unit: The Alternative to Pain Relief

For those suffering from chronic pain, one may feel that his life has become nothing but popping pain relief medication. However, constantly taking pills may not be appealing or others need something more than just pills. A TENS Unit is a way to alleviate pain without the use of pills and it a great alternative option.

Causes For Pain Under The Armpit

Some people can experience pain under the armpit and they may worry about what is causing it. There are many causes for this pain and you should make an effort to visit a doctor to get the correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Groin Strain Recovery Time

Groin strain occurs when there is a sudden pressure or contraction of muscles present in the inner thigh region extending up to the pelvis. These muscles aid in the movement of thighs and hips. An injury or a strain can therefore seriously limit the person's locomotive abilities.

Is There a Fast Tennis Elbow Treatment?

Are you looking for a tennis elbow treatment that will not require you to wait forever for healing? Then click here to see it!

Eight Advantages of Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows

An eco-friendly pillow is very trendy right now just as many other products. Most of these items are made of dried natural fillings, such as feathers or hulls. Sobakawa buckwheat pillows are perfect examples. They are made of buckwheat husks, which refer to dried substances that would otherwise go to waste.

Best Quality Buckwheat Neck Pillows

Are you sick and tired of buying new pillows repeatedly? Many people are as disappointed in their low quality pillows as you. What everyone needs are high-quality buckwheat neck pillows. These are currently all the rage because of their organic quality.

How to Treat a Pulled Hamstring

A sudden stress or pressure on the muscles while contracting or/and relaxing will lead to a pulled hamstring. This can be quite a painful experience. It is commonly seen in athletes who are involved in strenuous physical activity. It is also seen in people who do not follow perform warm up exercises before performing strength training exercises. A sudden stress on the muscles while performing any physical activity is also responsible for hamstring formation.

Whiplash Injury Treatment

Whiplash affects the neck muscles. It occurs when there has been a sudden strong abnormal movement of the neck muscles leading to extreme pain in and around the neck area. This can occur in accidents when the person is violently thrown out of control leading to a severe muscular contraction and relaxation.

How to Use a Hot Water Bottle to Ease Discomfort

The proper use of heat and cold can improve many painful conditions, including arthritis, injuries and even when Aunty Flo comes to visit. It's important to know which to apply and how long to apply it.

When A Negative Is a Positive - Achieving Pain Relief With A Tens Or Interferential Unit

How to use a tens unit or interferential unit for pain relief. Positive and negative charges can be used to reduce swelling and to concentrate the charges in the area(s) of most pain. How to achieve the pain relief effects discussed as relates to polarity, and how negative charges can reduce swelling and edema thus reducing the cause of the pain such as bulging disc pain.
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