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Speech Pathology

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Stuttering in Young Children - How You Can Help Get Rid of It

Stuttering can be a problem especially if kids outgrow them and in fact, it can affect their self-esteem that may also affect their quality of life later. If you are one of those parents who noticed stuttering in your kids, there are actually things that you can do to get rid of this disorder.

Dyslexia As an Acquired Disorder

Although the precise causes of dyslexia are not known as of yet, there are several theories that argue that dyslexia can be an acquired disorder, meaning that another person's negligence could be partially responsible for a child's seemingly developmental learning disorders. Dyslexia, as it is known, is a learner disorder that affects a person's ability to read and write permanently. In general, the disorder has been known to affect all textual encounters, meaning that both words and numbers are affected by dyslexia.

5 Sure Ways of Enriching Your Communication Skills

There's more to communicating than just talking. Communication skills go a long way in making life easier not just at your work or business place, but also with your family, friends and anyone else that you might relate with for that matter. When someone is said to possess excellent communication skills, he or she is said to have the ability and skill to convey a message clearly and with minimal ambiguity. Is this you? Or you are like millions of other people who face communication barriers and would like to transcend them and be an exceptional communicator? Let us examine a few things that can get you started in the right direction.
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