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What Is Heated Yoga, and Why Should You Do It?

The new craze in the yoga world at the moment appears to be something called heated yoga (also known as Bikram yoga). As the name suggests, this is effectively yoga that is performed in a hot room (similar to a sauna). These 'hot rooms' usually range between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit and are at this level of heat for a few very good reasons.

The Noticeable Benefits of Yoga

You know deep inside you that yoga is good for you and can benefit your body, your mind and your spirit. But when you start to do the physical past of yoga on a weekly or daily basis what can you expect in the way of noticeable benefits of doing so?

Yoga for Well Being

Yoga is a wonderful discipline because it has so many benefits for body mind and spirit. You may be considering starting to do yoga as a physical practice to become fitter and wonder what the benefits of so doing would be or perhaps you have been practicing yoga already, as I have been. After many years you would realise how much better you feel when you do your yoga practice but may not be aware of how vital it is for your general health and well-being too.

Three Things You Didn't Know About Yoga

If you thought about doing yoga but have dismissed it as something not suitable for you perhaps because of your level of fitness, not age or the sort of things that you may have to do during a yoga class, then think again. Yoga has many benefits and it can play a vital part in your self-care. Yoga not only exercises your body but also relaxes your mind and connects with your spiritual self, even when it's done mainly for the benefits of exercise, it has all these wider effects.

Why You Should Attempt Yoga

Some people think that yoga is too difficult for them or that they aren't fit enough to do the postures but those are myths which I would like to dispel for you. The reasons that you should attempt yoga are as follows...

Have You Tried Yoga?

Again, I am not scaring you; all I am saying is that yoga needs all of your focus or what you're doing is amiss. As mentioned earlier, Yoga also invigorates the soul. In fact, Yoga is a Hindu practice and is part of their orthodox philosophy.

Fitness and Yoga - Today's Way to Improve Health and Reduce Stress

What is Yoga? In Sanskrit, yoga is the language of ancient India, where yoga really originated. Asana is another word for yoga where a person practices and maintains proper postures. Yoga is when there is perfect harmony between the mind, body and soul.

Practice Yoga for a Clear, Stress Free Mind

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress? Simple yoga techniques can help you find relaxation and stress relief. Learn the basics for making yoga effective.

3 Simple Yoga Routines To Increase Height

Yoga exercises stress the importance of stretching and proper breathing techniques. Yoga is great for increasing height and relaxing your mind and body. You'll want to perform your yoga stretches in a relaxing environment where you can focus and concentrate.

How to Do Dance Pose - Natarajasana

Meaning of word 'Nataraj' is 'The Lord of Dancing'. Lord Shiva is believed to be the Nataraj. In fact Natarajanasan is one of the difficult yoga postures. It can be done properly after doing initial practice.
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