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What are the best Flight controller for beginners?

If you want to choose best flight controller for quadcopter but don’t know which one is or suit to beginner,then you’ve come to the right place,here to tell you that which oneis the best flight controller.


How to build quadcopter flight controller with altitude hold for you

A lot of quadcopters is Cinema flying type which requires a smooth flight to shoot the smoothest videos or take beautiful pictures.To address this requirement,you should need Quadcopter flight controller with altitude hold.This post will tell you which flight controllers are.

how to Choose the best parts for quadcopter

These days are CES 2016,We can expect from CES,Rise of the drones.there are many quadcopters brands show in the Exhibition.After wathing them,you should have the urge to build a quadcopter.

how to Choose the best parts for quadcopter

There many articles to tell you how to choose the best parts for your quadcopter. include FM,flight controlls,motor,esc,battery,etc.all of them is necessary for making a quadcopter at home.Today here will share you the main idea of how to choose the best parts for a quadcopter.

Select ESCs, motor,battery for Electric helicopter

With the trend of electric helicopter is popular in worldwide and in order to pursue more power flight,at present many hobbyist have been playing electric helicopter from the oil helicopter, because the power of electric helicopter is completely beyond the current oil helicopter and even power will turn fold increase (i have to use OS105HZ-R, YS120SR, although the power compared to the 91 series upgrade a lot, but big increase in fuel consumption and less power than electric helicopter, I also turned to play electric helicopter in a long time) 
This time I

Gens ace Lipo 5000mAh


Gens ace 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P Hard Case Lipo Akku 10#

Gens ace 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P Hard Case Lipo Akku 10#

Lipo Akku´s – Fluch und Segen


Was wäre die Elektro RC Modellbau Sparte ohne den Gens Ace Lipo Akku ? Vor allem fliegende Modelle partizipieren an der Mehrleistung eines Lithium-Polymer-Akkus ! Doch nicht nur Gutes gibt es zu Berichten, auch Tragödien haben sich aufgrund der teilweise unberechenbaren Eigenschaften ereignet.

LiPo Akkus laden


Bezeichnungen von LiPo-Akkus


Auf LiPo-Akkus werden die Daten in Kurzform angezeigt.

Beispiel eines Aufdrucks: 
11,1V * 3S/1P * 2200mAh * 20C
14,8V * 4S/1P * 5000mAh * 20C * 4C charge

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