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Baby Boomer

How Baby Boomers Can Improve Concentration

Wandering of mind every now and then and not being able to focus on a particular aspect are the symptoms of lack of concentration. Many baby boomers suffer from this particular problem. However, a senior does not have to live with this problem. There are ways and means of improving concentration.

Fun Activities for the Elderly

Old age is the golden period of one's life. By the time a person reaches this golden period, he is free from almost all responsibilities such as fostering and educating children, job related duties, business stress and so on.

Travel Advice For Baby Boomers

Were you born between Second World War and starting of the Vietnam War? Then you are surely a baby boomer. Those of you who have retired or are in the preparation of doing so, travel must be the top most choice by now. Need help in planning your trip? Well, then read on.

Baby Boomers - Turn Your Creative Practical Hobbies Into A Business

Many of us think that the retirement era is the golden era where the elderly people enjoy their free time and flexibility and lead a very comfortable and cozy life. But if you look at reality, many retired individuals who were used to a busy lifestyle find it really difficult to adjust to their life post retirement. They feel bored as they have lot of free time in their hands and they do not know how to spend their days constructively.

Boomer to Bloomer - A New Life Phase for Baby Boomers

Most of us work hard all our life, enduring challenges and relishing rewards so that our later years would be comfortable and independent. Once you are successful and it is time to retire, when you look back as to why you have worked so hard all through, you may really find out that the economic benefits offered by the profession is one of the primary reasons.

A College Lesson for Parents

When you dropped your kids off at college, were you the one dragging your heels? This generation of parents has been described as clinging, especially when they refuse to leave the campus. In fact, a number of college administrators have introduced blunt language into orientation schedules. The message is clear: release your anxieties and your adult children to this adventure, and enjoy the ride yourself. The lesson, not taught in the traditional curriculum, is about letting go.

Baby Boomers and Retirement - Are You Ready?

The Baby Boomer generation is growing older. In fact, the tail end of the boomer generation is quickly approaching 50 years old. Even though they feel young at heart and mind, there is no escaping the fact that retirement is looming.

A Rejected Cohort

Baby Boomers and Aging can be explained as one based on what the history is trying to imply on us. You might be asking what this Baby Boomers and Aging is all about.

Sixty - Saying it, or Just Thinking it, Seems Like a Weird Dream

Are we maturing? Or just getting older?

Baby Boomers and Their Medicare

A baby boomer is described to be those individuals who were born during the Post-World War II. The term "baby boomer" is used in a cultural setting, and is used to refer to an individual who was born during the post-WWII baby boom. Various individuals, groups, organizations and scholars have different opinions on what comprises the group of baby boomers technically and culturally.
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