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TATTU 22000mah 6S1P-Professional UAV Battery

As Professional UAV Lipo battery manufacturer, Grepow Battery CO.LTD releases new series named Tattu in April 2014. Take 22000mah as a example, this high capacity item, specially target for mainstream UAV market. like DJI S1000 Kopterworx Hammer X8 ect, also available for.other popular items.

Tips on Choosing the Educational Toys

It is no doubt that every parent wants his or her child to learn fast,happy and grow up to become efficient and smart.  Educational toys offer the best ways to help a child learn and have fun simultaneously. The educational games and toys for kids make learning fun with math, language, social interaction, logic, etc. Kids can learn how to thank while they are playing games. You can also find all the famous games of generations past, such as Scrabble and Twister.


Cheap RC Cars – Make Your Choice

Every child should have a hobby and as parents we should help our kids build thier hobby. If you have the time, so I am going to suggest rc cars as a decent hobby. Getting interested in remote controlled toys is not the easiest manner of starting with remote controlled models, but it is probably the most challenging and maybe the most fun.


Cosplay ONE PIECE – Monkey D Luffe

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