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Elder Care

Funding For Dementia Care Homes

Some families face tough decisions when a loved one has difficulty with his or her health. Some make the decision of admitting their loved one to a facility that specializes in helping individuals that cannot care for themselves. Individuals suffering from Dementia are a prime example.

Walking Problems In Seniors

As a person ages, he or she will face more problems with walking and this can lead to falls and disabilities in seniors. It has been found that nearly 20 percent of seniors have problems associated with walking.

Senior Health Care: Guidelines For Healthy Living

As people age, they are at a higher risk of getting debilitating diseases like obesity, cardiac diseases, and elevated blood pressure. It has been seen that many of the health problems faced by seniors occur due to inactivity and poor eating habits. Several of the health problems faced by seniors can be resolved or prevented by following a few important guidelines.

Benefits of Exercises for Seniors

As a person ages, the body undergoes many changes. Besides visible formation of wrinkles and graying of the hair, a person also experiences reduction in the muscle mass as well as loss of strength in the limbs. The bones tend to lose their density due to calcium loss and this can cause the person to stoop. All these changes due to aging can affect the person's movements, coordination as well as balance. However, these undesirable effects of aging can be minimized by doing exercises.

A Personal Experience With a Senior Caregiver Agency

I consider myself quite lucky. I grew up in a great neighborhood, I got a good education, I was able to eat ice-cream, watch cartoons, play catch. My childhood was an American classic.

Looking For Residential Care Homes

When looking for residential care homes for a senior family member, it's important to be concerned about several important factors that can make the living experience happier and much more positive than if prior thought wasn't given. What Benefits to Look For: A residential care home is a type of assisted living community for seniors, smaller in scale and more intimate than many other retirement communities. Family members should do research about several residential care homes to find out what advantages their senior family member would derive from residing in each.

Chair Exercises for Seniors

As one ages, the metabolic rate of the body decreases. So, to keep muscles and joints working, one must follow certain routine exercise schedule. These exercises need not be very difficult involving whole lot of strength and energy. Simple exercises such as hands and leg movement carried out while sitting in chair could be quite beneficial.

Potassium Deficiency in the Elderly

Deficiency of potassium is medically referred to as hypokalemia. In this condition, the blood contains low potassium levels. This can lead to several health issues as potassium is important for proper working nervous system, regulating the working of the heart and facilitating the movement of muscles.

Tips to Manage Medications For Aging Parents

Medication for aged parents is an important aspect that one must review on a regular basis. It is quite natural that your aged parents must be on prescription drugs. There are different drugs for each ailment. Taking these medicines at the right time and in right amount is very essential to get the maximum benefit from them.

Shortness of Breath Causes in the Elderly

Elderly people suffer from several health complications that they might not have come across in their entire life. One of them is shortness of breath.
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