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Is It True There Are No Juvenile Delinquents But Rather Delinquent Fathers and Is There a Remedy?

Family is so crucially important and particularly in times of crisis. Over these past fourteen years I have been involved with families where there are painful divisions and where one hears of children crying night after night. Many years ago I saw that there were no 'juvenile delinquents' but rather we were producing delinquent fathers. How many problems arise simply because men will not be men and take their role as responsible husbands and fathers and in that order? This is family care and concern and compassion at the deepest and most sacrificial level. There are times when, for our family, we have to sacrifice and make sacrifices and kill selfishness and self-centredness.

Is This Loving Caring Father Waiting For Another Rebellious Runaway Wayward Son To Return?

Family problems can sometimes be exceedingly difficult to resolve. This one appeared impossible and we are never told if it ever was resolved. Knowing what followed later on and knowing who were actually involved, it is unlikely that a resolution was found. Life can be like that, and it is painful when such circumstances and situations suddenly arise. The young man, having comes to his senses, returns home. It is the young man who had run away from home with his family inheritance and he has wasted and squandered the lot. He blew everything which his father had given him, but father was desperately seeking his return to the family home. Father is so tender and understanding. "You have nothing to lose by coming in. We had to celebrate."

Priorities of a Father

I have tried to search all over what the definition of a father is with great difficulty. I have come across many people who assume that by virtue of them reproducing children, they automatically become fathers. There are many who have produced children but have failed to father them. In a way they participated in the production of the off spring but totally and dismally failed to sustain or provide those children with the much needed cover, emotional and psycho-social necessities. Learn more about your role as a father.

Responding to Paternity Fraud

Many men rejoice upon learning that they have become fathers for the first time. Unfortunately, some of these men may be misled into thinking that this is the case when, in fact, it is not. Paternity fraud occurs when a woman leads a man to believe he is the father of a child when, in fact, he is not.

Life As a Single Father - Yesterday and Today

In the past, when a married couple with children chose to get a divorce, mothers were usually given sole custody of their children. Today, however, most judges and divorce experts recommend that parents share custody of their children equally whenever possible. Rather than only seeing their children briefly on weekends, fathers today take a more direct role in childcare and custody.

Understanding Paternity Fraud

Each year, thousands of men find out that they did not actually father the children that they have helped to raise for many years. In many cases, the mother of the child knows the true paternity of the child or at least knows that the man she claims is the father actually is not. In either case, this is considered paternity fraud and is punishable by law.

Happiness is Being a Father - Happy Fathers Day

One of the greatest joys and privileges is that of being father. But is is hard and time consuming.
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